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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Well .. Happy New Year, everyone. Hehe, I went to Nebraska for Christmas with my family .. and all went really well. At least .. the until the last few minutes of getting back to our house. Turns out, my parents' liscense plates were expired since November .. and they didn't notice it. xD
Yeah, a police officer pulled the car over when we were five miles away from home .. oh, but it was exactly the New Year so he let my mom slide. (But only because she had a clean slate with her driving ^^)

OMG! But when we got home .. it was a disaster! When we left, everything was nice, neat, and organized .. but when we got back .. IT was a mess!

Turns out, someone broke into our house and stole a whole bunch of stuff. The police officer suspected it to be some kids with a prybar .. who happened to know about the gap in my backyard and my basement door handle. It was a mess!

Presents that were addressed to other family members, torn away. Drawers that were neatly closed, hanging. Doors that were closed, open. Oh .. and not to mention the fact that there's a list of items missing! My mom's missing some expensive jewelry. My dad's missing a SONY camera. My brother's missing his Philipps Go-Gear MP3, his GameBoyAdvanced pack, and some $20+. Oh .. and I'm missing my prized 8th grade wooden box that I made in Mr. Daniels' tech ed class of 2006-2007 (I got an A on), my jewelry, and my SLIM PS2 from my birthday. That's what we know we've lost so far .. I thank God that we weren't harmed though. Those items can be replaced and all .. so I'm just glad none of us were hurt.

Anyways, the police officer said that thieves of this level are sentenced to jail if caught. So I'm not too worried .. There were many portions of the house that were touch, so he'll probably get some evidence of the bastard who broke in our house. Ugh, I'm so disgusted by these sick low lifes that are so desperate enough to steal from another. Grrr! I just loathe it! DX<

You know the quote,"Embrace life, one day at a time .. ?" Well .. this is one of those days that I wish I didn't have to embrace at the moment!

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