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Salut! Comment allez-vous?Je m'appelle Karin! Hi Hi! How are ya? Hehe, I'm Karin! 'Sup! Erm .. I finally got my site up and running! So of course, I'm happy happy happy as ever! xD

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Yes, well. As all of you anime fans would know .. My site is based on the anime Lovely Complex by Aya Nakahara. I just ADORE it! ~ I mean, the twisted plot .. along with the setting of a highschool with people supposedly my age! Plus, that stuff does happen at my school .. believe it or not .. >_<;

Which is why I love it! So as of now .. I am officially a "Otani/Risa" fan! Oh, and if you think that Otani goes with Mimi .. then .. erm .. Bite me!! 'Cause if that happens I'll kill him myself for being a freakin' idiot! 0_<;

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well .. Happy New Year, everyone. Hehe, I went to Nebraska for Christmas with my family .. and all went really well. At least .. the until the last few minutes of getting back to our house. Turns out, my parents' liscense plates were expired since November .. and they didn't notice it. xD
Yeah, a police officer pulled the car over when we were five miles away from home .. oh, but it was exactly the New Year so he let my mom slide. (But only because she had a clean slate with her driving ^^)

OMG! But when we got home .. it was a disaster! When we left, everything was nice, neat, and organized .. but when we got back .. IT was a mess!

Turns out, someone broke into our house and stole a whole bunch of stuff. The police officer suspected it to be some kids with a prybar .. who happened to know about the gap in my backyard and my basement door handle. It was a mess!

Presents that were addressed to other family members, torn away. Drawers that were neatly closed, hanging. Doors that were closed, open. Oh .. and not to mention the fact that there's a list of items missing! My mom's missing some expensive jewelry. My dad's missing a SONY camera. My brother's missing his Philipps Go-Gear MP3, his GameBoyAdvanced pack, and some $20+. Oh .. and I'm missing my prized 8th grade wooden box that I made in Mr. Daniels' tech ed class of 2006-2007 (I got an A on), my jewelry, and my SLIM PS2 from my birthday. That's what we know we've lost so far .. I thank God that we weren't harmed though. Those items can be replaced and all .. so I'm just glad none of us were hurt.

Anyways, the police officer said that thieves of this level are sentenced to jail if caught. So I'm not too worried .. There were many portions of the house that were touch, so he'll probably get some evidence of the bastard who broke in our house. Ugh, I'm so disgusted by these sick low lifes that are so desperate enough to steal from another. Grrr! I just loathe it! DX<

You know the quote,"Embrace life, one day at a time .. ?" Well .. this is one of those days that I wish I didn't have to embrace at the moment!

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Saturday, December 29, 2007


'Sup you guys! I'm in Nebraska! Er .. anyways .. I'm coming home tomorrow. I'll edit this tomorrrow! Later! ^^

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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yesterday was so wierd. I had to go to school, right? Well .. I found out that I was suppose to take an online quiz at the last minute .. so I totally bummed out on that. Then during Art, I had like ... a total meltdown. I forgot my sketchbook at home .. but I improvised very nicely by using printer paper during French class. It was a nice save!
Anyways ... today I had a piano workshop, too. I had lots of fun and all .. but I just do not feel motivated to continue playing. I find joy only in listening to others playing better than me. It saddens me a little.
Oh, and today was also the Rondalla Christmas Party. Heh, I had lots of fun .. everyone was there, including Kuya Kenneth! Personally, I think that was the best present ever .. I mean, it's been months since I last saw him! He cut his hair .. it's soo much shorter! xD
Oh .. and I think Kuya Tim bought a game .. again. Sheesh, I swear, he has the whole collection of electronic entertainment! It's so totally wack! X_x;
So .. moving on. I had lots of fun for the first few hours of the party .. but then at the end, I felt depressed once again. It's the same emotion that I often feel when I know that I'm isolated or invisible to everyone else. Hmm ... I pretended to be tired .. though it was kinda true .. and so I wanted to go home. On the way back, I didn't say one word. It scared me.

Perhaps I am going back to my depressed ties of life. Though I certainly doubt it ..

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

   No School! xD

Kyaaaaaaa!! ~ x3
Yaay! No school for one week! Unfortunately .. it starts next week .. but oh well! Hehe, I'm going to Nebraska to visit my family with my cousins. I can't wait! I haven't seen my family in two long years!! I just can't wait! Oh .. but also .. tomorrow is the Rondalla Christmas party. Again, I'm looking forward to it. ^^
Everyone'll be there .. heh, I just have to take lots and lots of pictures of everyone! I plan on putting them on my I-Pod and all. xD It'll be lots of fun. Though .. I'm not sure if I can concentrate on my fun when tomorrow's the date of horrible burden on mine. Stupid Jon! Why'd he have ask me out four days before Christmas last year! *sniffles* We went out on December 21st to August 21st. If we had last a few more months .. I would've been able to say,"I've dated my boyfriend for one year .." I can't say that now, now can I? >_<; Oh, well. I know there will be more boys in my future .. Right now, I must focus on my studies because they are slowly slipping because of my procrastination. x3 It's a family trait, procrastination, so everyone does it. Either way .. be it influence or genes .. I'm the spitting image of everyone .. to which I am very proud! ^^
*sigh* Well .. anyways. I hope I can find some enlightenment for Christmas this year .. Because I just want to forget Jonathan right now! Him and his stupid affections! Gosh, I hate him with a passion! DX

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

   Testing .. Testing .. Bleck!

Blah, Blah, Blah ..
I had like .. a totally screwed up day! I almost missed the bus. Yeah, my mom had to work like .. suuuuper early today at the hospital ... so I didn't have anyone to wake me up. Hehe, you should've seen me running down my street. I swear, I sprinted like crazy because my bus stop is waaaay down the road. xD Anyways .. PE today was awesome! I didn't have to dress out! It wasn't because I didn't have my uniform with me .. It was because I had pictures for Art Club in the morning and I didn't want to be remembered as "The girl in gym clothes" .. y'know? I'm partly sad, though, because I wasn't able to stretch with my class .. or play volleyball. >__> (Hehe, syke. I played volleyball in street clothes behind the teachers' backs. Woo!) Erm .. French was good. I was somehow dragged into the French Club photos. Technically .. I'm not in the club yet because I have to show up .. So I'm starting next .. er, next next week. ^^ OMG! During lunch, my friends and I got in to the subject of dating. I'm like .. Er.. is this the right time? Heh, they obviously forgot about the fact that I'm very sensitive about that. Especially now. Hmm .. I'll post why on Friday. Seeing how the date fits the fact. X_x
Anyways .. they were talking so much about "The Perfect Guy." and then they whispered something in secrecy. I'm like .. okaay. Leave me out why don't they .. >_<; Bleh! Who cares about that crud! DX
Oh grr.. Nevermind! I must find out! Waah! I just don't know what they were thinking .. O_o; My friends are soo freaky .. hehe, but hey. That's my high school. ^^

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