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In the beguining there was the pencil and paper,many ideas went threw the head but one which was crazy enough to work for many days one grew weary and thus the master peice was born and spawned a new type of good.....chibi,anime,chibis and more chibis.
Anyways yeah this is my home page the names Lauren L-a-u-r-e-n got it memorized?(ha ha copy right that)I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain,im a sucker for red heads if you couldent tell,and I love Reno and Axel they are my precious ^-^ and I wuvs them ::huggles Reno and Axel:: very much.I wish someday to make one of the greatest digital art pecies that will be known threw out the counrty.Not just anime,but things with emotion that dont have people in it.My dream is to always have a job that will always include art,for it is and will always be my passion.