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Yo, Aloha, Hola, Que Pasa, Whats up and whats going on everyone. It is me that loveable Xerin up to his old tricks. I do hope you all enjoy your stay while visiting my site here on MyOtaku, for if you aren't then my job as an artist and a host has failed. So you all know the drill by now, check out my portfolio if you wanna see anything interesting of mine at all or just chill out here and chat with whoever the hell is here at the moment. I will have music up soon but until that time I'd like to ask of all of you to rely upon your own music playing devices until then. Well see ya'll later. *goes off to draw some more things*

Friday, January 22, 2010

Listening to:
Hopeless by Breaking Benjamin
I'm Not Okay by My Chemical Romance
Room 409 by Bullet For My Valentine

Wow I really don't post often do I? Well I just wanted to get something off my chest, there's no real reason for it but I just have a need to do it. Oh and to all my friends you'll be happy (or not) to know I'm slowly starting to come back to the chatrooms and junk. XD So yeah keep an eye out for me after 10 pm my time.

I've been thinkin' lately... It's been something that I've been considering for a while now. I like my job and all, but it's not beneficial to my needs anymore. I'm gonna start job hunting again... hopefully I can make something better than server's wage plus tip. Maybe I'll go work for a factory or somethin'

On another note, life is alright right now. I'm in a stable and happy relationship. Her name is Kameko, and even though there's a foot between us in height, things are actually pretty good. My best friend is finally coming back for a visit. He's on a 20 day vacation from Navy duties and stuff. Nothing else exciting to report, just livin' life, enjoying my time off from school as much as I possibly can. :D

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