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hey everyone! i decided to change my site around a bit. if you're a newcomer to theO or my site, welcome! if you add me as a friend please sign my guestbook.^^
well, i like gaara and itachi from naruto the best.^^ and i love sasuke and naruto as a couple. so cute>.<

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that's the total kick ass band Aiden.^^

p.s. if u diss me by calling me a freak or cutter then u will have a price to pay(shows fangs) and i think u will taste deliciouse!...unless ur a werewolf....(shudders at the thought)...but i dont think u are! have a good day!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

HELLO!!!!! ~~
so, how is everyone? jeez, i've been gone forever! blah, school just makes me so busy. :P

sooo.... i am currently obsessed with the bands Neon Synthesis and Servo Hatred....:) talk ta' yinz later! <3

what band/artist are you currently craving/obsessed with?

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