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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

So bored... i wish i had a game for my psp. whats the use of having a psp when u have no game no move and only have 7 songs. so sad. today i thought i deleted all my entries! but i found out it was just a code that cleared everything. so i felt stupid! evil codes. i turned in some new wallpapers. i decided to do something new instead of bleach. well my dad wont stop gambling... i wish he can stop though. i hope he wins big money! wish him luck guys!!! well... i was thinking of doing this topsite thing. maybe i should do it for otaku users. like top 10 best otaku site thinger. what do you guys think? well tell me what you guys think and might do it! im bored so i might as well do it if you guys like it. so yeah... take care!!!
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