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living life to the fullest
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hanging out with my friends like their last
meeting new and intresting things and people everyday
photographing this beautiful world

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hey Guys..
well since I'm gonna start a clean plate [again] I might as well post my 3rd first post xP. So anyways, I saw these little 6th grade, which amazed me how tall they were, compared me when I was that age [4'7]. Right now, I'm 5'3 and this little 6th grader was so short, He was about where my stomach was. He was so cute, I sware that he was a 1st grader, and just wanted to hug him. So kawaii x0. I sware, they are getting shorter and shorter every year. Ahh well.. I guess that all I have to say. See Ya guys ^____^
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