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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

   no matter what my haters say...
"As long as my bitches love me... I could give a fuck about no haters..."

Lil Wayne been singing electric in my head lately. I woke up to homeboy's kisses and left to his songs. He wasn't really there, but I'm a writer. I've always had one hell of a vision--an imagination? Perhaps. If it feels real and I'm the only one in the room, what's the difference?
was I ever a teacher?
I've had a classroom for almost a full year now. Moved from room 16 to room 17--a numerological promotion! haha
But was I ever a teacher?
My school went virtual. I went postal. Cosmic. Space cadet. It's always hard coming back to earth. I fall in love with the clouds.
but the work is on the ground and the show must go on

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