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I'm Wynter. I'm one part of this duo. I'm the illustrator to Agoni's stories/comic idea's.

And I'm Agoni! The best part of this team! Ha ha. Thats a joke. I'm the writer and I do all the wording on our wierd comics. I'm also know as fenrir-chan at fanfiction.net!

Agoni: We're yaoi fanatics!
Wynter: Not fangirls cause I'm male.
Agoni: He's so sensitive about it.
Wynter: I'm ignoring that. Anyway we live in a little town in Washington called Airway Hieghts.
Agoni: In the middle of nowhere.
Wynter: So leave us comments and critisims.
Agoni: Just don't be mean.
Wynter: Agoni might cry.
Agoni: I will.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

   I feel like a ninja!
Everyone seems to love the character Kirian so far (a.k.a Citrus). Which is awesome cause he's really just a loveable guy... that and he's really just based off a certain writer I live with... No joke. I always wonder where people get their inspiration for their characters... Most of the uke's I come up with for Agoni to write about are really based off of her. I think she'll finally catch on when she reads this...

That and she's a real big klutz...


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