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HELLO TSUBASA FANS, OR WHOEVER ELSE IS VISITING MY PAGE! In tsubasa 13, The Tsubasa gang visits the world of memory, or rather a world of books? In this world there are magicians with highly advanced technology but where is the feather in this world, and what is so special about the book syaoran picks up? And, for the first time, Kurogane's past is explained- and syaoran witnesses it for himself like a bad movie. He can see Kuroganes past, but cannot affect it. As the pages of the book turn, can syaoran escape the book of memory? And what will Kurogane think of syaoran prying into his history.
Also....... A strange man is seen in the folds of the pages of the memory book.
Who is this man? what does the symbol on his back mean to the group- and where has syaoran seen that symbol before? Find out all this AND more in Tsubasa book 13 coming to stores everywhere roughly around April 25.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tsubasa guide book
Does every tsubasa fan know the TSUBASA OFFICIAL CHARACTER BEHIND THE SCENES GUIDE IS OUT? well, it is and it doesnt cost much more then your average tsubasa novel- it has all those little mysteries tied up into one bundle. Some are explained others not so much. But the real beauty of this book is the
-fan art-quizs-Free poster/pictures(THe ones we've all seen before and asked ourselves WHERE DO I FIND THEM!?) polls straight from Japan- character profiles- and MUCH much MORE!!!-
(Covers books 1-7)
Also... I should be making wallpaper 70 soon, any suggestions?
If not I'll just do something outrageous!!! (laughter)

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

   valentines day
Happy valentines day!!!! :)

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Friday, February 9, 2007

Cool amv of tsubasa
Please watch this! It has music in Italian, and it sounds awesome! You have got to watch it because its really good. Isnt that enough to persuade any anime lover? Must I say more? its cool, so watch it!
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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cool anime music video!
You have to watch this amv, its sooo great~!


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Saturday, February 3, 2007

WOW! GUESS WHAT! TSUBASA 12 JUST CAME OUT TWO DAYS AGO, THATS 27 DAYS EARLY!!!!! If You Havent Already, it is a must read, Piffle world reaches it's climax and is finally wrapped up!

1. Who's your fav from Tsubasa? Syaoran, fai, Kurogane, mokona, Sakura or other? If other, who is it?
So yeah,ttfn!

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