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Hiya! My name is Wrathswife58 some of you better know me as Lil Devil4life or Purple Rose! But I made this name before them, I made Lil Devil4life b/c I forgot the password to this site but I remembered it! Here is my list of guys:
Geikido (Wrath)
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Alphonse Elric (kid & body back)
Hatushara (Haru)
Trunks (Kid, Preteen, and Teen)
and Ben

Thanks for visiting my site. Come again. Don’t forget to sign my guestbook and each time I post comment. Now some rules (yes rules are boring but):

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4. If you PM me but never comment or even sign my gb you are so going down.
5. Enjoy your time here and have fun!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm at skool and bored. I don't wanna go to 4th hour (Science) cuz there is a test and I don't wanna go to 7th hour (math) cuz, well, it's math and our teacher is a retard. Okay question. If someone does there homework in the hour before but answers all the questions and shows all their work do you think they should get a 5 not a 0? Ya we do a completion grade but that happened to my friend thats in that hour with me...god, I hate Ms. McDaniel. Well, I'm gonna go! Peace out!
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Monday, November 19, 2007

These are soo funny!

1. ask him for a tic-tac repeatedely even if he doesn't have one
2.when he doesn't give u the tic-tac yell "UR SO SELLFISH!!No wonder everyone likes Itachi better!
3.when he finally gives u the tic-tac yell at the top of your lungs EWWWWWWW!!!!! WHY IN THE HELL DID U GIVE ME A BIRTH CONTROL PILL!*slap him as hard as u can*
4. give him a bag of cracker jacks with a ring in it,(MAKE SURE THERE'S A RING) ask if you can have the ring then as he's giving it to u yell "OH SASUKE OF COURSE I'LL MARRY U"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( try this while Sakura , Ino, and pretty much every fangirl in the world is watching)
5.(this was my sisters idea) go up to Sasuke and say have u heard of this guy Itachi?he is sooooooooooooo cool.then start talking about how awsome he is and don't stop
6.(this was also my sisters idea)throw an angry badger at him when he's trying to flirt with Naruto and when he looks at u point towards his many fangirl-stalkers
7.(this was my friends idea) when he's sleeping on a mission, steal his shoes and hide them in the woods then blame the badger
8. ( this was also my friends idea) use Shikamaru's shadow posession jutsu on a swarm of butterflies and make them attack Sasuke
9. use Inos jutsu to take over Narutos body, go to Sasukes house scream "I'VE LOVED YOU ALL MY LIFE!!" then run away before Sasuke can answer
10. somehow convince Hinata and Sakura to go up to Sasuke slap him, and yell"HOW DARE U! NARUTO IS IN HIS ROOM CRYING! yOU SHOULD HAVE ANSWERED HIM YESTERDAY AND TOLD HIM U LOVED HIM!!
11.call him an emo gay freak that hurts peoples feelings and convince him that Naruto doesn't love him anymore
12.tell him about Kakashi's sex change operatin
13. give him a sales pitch about Uchiha action figures (at dinner to achieve most annoyance)
14. (also my friends idea) send him a top secret note in a box with packing peanuts sent first class with no return address saying that Lee raped him in his sleep
15. - the next day send another letter saying my mistake that was Neji that Lee raped
16.-or was it?
17. and the obvious... yaoi fan fiction
18. transform into Itachi and tell Sasuke that he's sleeping with Naruto ( and by he I mean Itachi)
19.Tell Ino that Sasuke like sssoooo wants to meet her at the ramen shop, then tell Sakura the same thing, tell Sasuke Kakashi wants him to come there for training-then watch the fireworks
20.put laxatives in all his food
21.when he uses his fire jutsu, put your marshmallows on a stick so they can roast then say " thanks. wanna smore?"
22.(once again, my friends idea) put spy cameras all over his house, including the shower
23.-then show the tapes of him to all the fangirls (for a fee of course)and when Sasuke tries to get in to see what it's about say, " sorry no Uchihas allowed
24.steal his shower curtains
25. eat all his pudding(me: you fiend!)
26.keep doing obsesive compulsive things like pick lint off his shirt or straightening his headband
27.steal his stuff and sell them on ebay then
28.turn into Naruto, beg for ramen until he finally gives in then when u eat it pretend to drop dead like u were poisoned DO NOT WAKE UP 'TIL HE'S GONE!!
29.replace all his clothes with thongs and a note saying to meet u at the acadamey to get his clothes back and call all the fangirls u know telling them to come
30.(sisters idea)wait till u see Naruto coming towards a corner, turn into Naruto run up to Sasuke and kiss him- see what happens when Sasuke finds the real Naruto
31.send him a bill for Itachi's plastic surgery
32. turn into Sasuke then use the shadow clone jutsu so there's a million Sasukes- surround the real Sasuke chanting "ONE OF US, ONE OF US, ONE OF US"
33.send him an invatation to the Uchiha family reunion
34. tell everyone he's a virgin
35. find a way to PROVE he's a virgin
36.convince Itachi or Kakashi that he needs "the talk"
37.laugh whenever he says something even slighting related to bodily functions(burp,fart,etc.)
or sex
38.(once again-friends idea) put a bell in your pocket and follow Sasuke around all day-make sure everyone else in town is in on the joke- and ignore the sound, whenever he asks about the sound say"what noise?"
39.(person aboves idea)give Sasuke sleeping pills (or something else that will knock him out)then transform into to Sasuke. hit on everyone in town (including the boys, adults,and animals)(have your friend turn into you and hit on yourself so no one suspects it was u)then see what happens
40. when he's just about to go to sleep scream "I THOGHT U SAID WE WERE GOING TO DISNEY LAND!!!!"

41.steal his favorite plushie and/or teddy bear
42.(sis's idea) dump a bucket of skittles on him whenever you see a rainbow
43. make him listen to hypnosis tapes while he's asleep (without him knowing of course) so that every time he says "avenge" he yells what kind of underwear he's got on
44.go into his room wait 'till he gets home and say "I don't need the pill u gave me any more" when he comes in *#3*
45.use Shino's bugs to swarm him, when u *cough*cough* just happened to run out of bug spray
46. put him in charge of 37 daycare kids
46.(another friends idea)steal all of his Naruto porn pictures and hold them for ransom
47.sing the song that gets on everybodies nerves over and over again, whenever he says how annoying Naruto is

48. when he calls Sakura annoying, say "STOP FLIRTING WITH NARUTO'S LOVER YOU PIG!"
49.smell all his stuf and say what they smell like
50.taste all the things in his room (it's better if he's watching u do this)
51. turn into Sakura & try to make out with Sasuke (at least give him 1 kiss)
52.replace all ofd his kunai's(sp?) with jelly worms and all his shirakins(i have no clue how 2 spell this)with gummie bears
53.say "why" after evrything Sasuke says
54. Blame him for everything (ex: death, bad grades, snow, roadkill, bunnies over repruduction)
55.do the potty dance!
56.Go up to Naruto and say "Sasuke is so wierd, I don't know y u slept with him"
57.Find Sakura + tell her Sasuke wants to meet her at his house to make out
58.tell Sasuke that Naruto doesn't love him anymore
59. sing commercial jingles all day long
60.when he greets Sakura sing "Reunited", follow them around all day singing it 'till they decide to kill u
61. insist his name is tiffany
62.act like, and tell everyone that ur his girlfriend (including planning dates and get mad if he "forgets to pick u up"
63. yell DAMN! at the top of your lungs, when he says "what?" u say "NOTHING!" *shifty eyes*
64.clog the toilet
65. randomly poke him
66.flush the toilet when he's in the shower
67. casually start a conversation with Sasuke, then while he's talking yell " U GOT SAKURA PREGNANT!!!" "WHAT? FIRST ME(#44) NOW HER?"
68. use the ransom money u got from Sasuke's ransom (see # 46)and pay some GUY to hit on him
69.steal his diary (trust me he'll freak out)
70. when he's asleep, poke him with a big stick and say " is it dead?"
71. tell him that kakashi said there was training in the woods and when he gets there set up a meeting for an anger managment club and say "This is an intervention Sasuke. We need to talk about your hidden emotions."
72.try to make out with him every chance u get
73.(the next few r my other friends idea) get a cactus and treat it like your baby (SASUKE'S A DADDY!)
74.- Constantly remind him to change the baby's diapers
75.- hide the cactus baby and yell at him saying he stole it
76.- force him to look for the baby cactus
77.when he finds it yell "AUUUUGHHHH! I KNEW U TOOK MY HONEY-SENPAI!(inside joke if u don't know who that is)
78. get a mime to trap him in a box
79. throw cheese at him and when it hits him in the face yell "YYYYEEEEAAAAHHH! 10 POINTS YO!!!!
80. (guy sitting next to me's idea) morph into Naruto make 50 copies of yourself then have each copy poke him
81. transform into Itatchi, knock on Sasuke's door, rip off your clothes and sing "Born Free"
82. go up to him and say "You don't really want to kill Itatchi, ur just trying to hide your feelings for him"
83.convince Sakura he's sleeping with Naruto
84.after he asks u to do anything say "Woould you like fries with that?"
85.ask "HEY! do u like _________ *insert favorite movie here* if he says yes scream "QUIT COPYING ME!" if he says no scream "WHY THE @#%$& NOT!
86. give him a drug that makes everything taste like shrmp
87.ask him why he hasn't killed Itatchi yet and insist it's because he "wants him"
88. ask him if he's a virgin
89.- ask him why
90.ask hum "Why did Orochimaru bite u? Is it because he "wants" u 2 ?"
91.walk up to him pinch his cheeks (you chose which ones) and say "ur ssooo cutsie wootsie!!!!!" then walk (run if u pinched his other cheeks) like nothing happened
92. (more from the tale s of the cactus baby *73*)get another cactus and tell him its his second son who u named "Cactus"
93. force him 2 hug his son
94.continue doing cactus thing until u get bored or die
95. dress like a buissness person, get a briefcase, go up to him and say he's being sued by the cockatoo for copywrighting his hairstyle
96.-when he asks u whats going on say "Please sir don't make a seen"
97.try to convert him 2 a new religion ( unless u like his current religion * whatever it is*)
98. constantly ask him for help with everything
99. keep asking him new ways to annoy him and don't stop til' he helps u
100.(Congradulate me! I made it to 100!)ask him what his middle name is
101.- when he doesn't answer start guessing
*tips:use the following for most annoyance; Tiny Tim, Leslie, Itatchi Jr.
102.- if he still doesn't answer say "Is the reason you don't wanna tell me because u don't have a middle name? do you not have a name because your family doesn't love u enough to give u a middle name, or do they hate u so much they gave u a bad middle name?"
103.-give him a middle name of his own and say its cuz u feel sorry that his family hates him
104. hand out fliers all over Kanoha inviting people to Sasuke's and your wedding (me:I don't care if ur a guy just do it!!)
105.sing " you'll be in my heart" from Tarzan when he's talking to Sakura
106. sing the meow mix song all day every day
107. make a list of all the hot guys u know and put Itatchi at least 3 times before him
108.- follow him around as u read the list
109.- force him 2 make a girl list
110.- say "oooooooohhhhhh!" when u see the first pereson on the list and start singing "Sasuke likes _______*insert name here*
111. 1 word..... kareoke
112.sing "Happy Days" when he talks about his sad past
113. beg him to dress up as a fairy princess for haloween
114. dress up as Itatchi and say " GUESS WHO I AM!"
115. transform into Itatchi and insist on a brother bonding day
116.-(while ur still Itatchi)yell"y haven't u made me an uncle yet?!"
117. make both of u complete the list i found ( it's called "you bored read this and laugh you pants off(not literally...I hope;))"
118.sockpuppets-need i say more?
119.give him a wooden leg for valentines day and say "I thought u could use it"
120.- when he asks y he'd need it say "you'll see" * shifty eyes* O_o
121. accuse him of molesting your yo-yo (literally your yo-yo as in a childrens toy)(me:I'M SERIOUS SOMEONE MOLESTED MY FRIENDS YO-YO BEFORE!)
122. give him espresso 4 3 weeks straight ..then switch 2 decafe
123. -do it the other way around
124. ask him y his clan symbol is a fishing bobber (me: i've always wondered about that)
125.sing the happy happy joy joy song when he talks about his dark past
126.shove Gaara's gourd up the wee crevice of his ass
127. tell him Oroachimaru (how the hell do u spell that guys name?!) he wants him for his body
128.cover his entire house with condoments (, mustard, mayo, relish, etc.) while he's gone, then when he gets home casually walk in n' say "What did you do? I love it!"
129. speak only in piglatin
130. sign him up for interperative dance classes
131.- force him to go to said classes
132.- yell ( in public) "I SAW YOU AT DANCE CLASS LAST WEEK SASUKE-KUN!"
133. make him take a vow of abstinance, then lock him in a room with Tsunade and Naruto (while both people r on drugs)
134.tell him "you atract gay people"(then look at Sakura)
135. put on his underwear on the outside of your clothes
136. wear a lima bean suit and run around screaming " THE ALIENS ARE HERE!"
137. pretend to be his seceretary and establish a desk outside his room , and whatever you do DO NOT LEAVE!
138. ( yes i took this from another list but it so rocks) buy boxers with pictures of Sasuke on the and yell " HEY I'VE GOT SASUKE ON MY ASS!!!!!!
139. ( I also took this from another list) somehow force him to go up to Kisame and say " I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine.Fish r friends not food" in an Australian accent (me: btw Im watching Finding Nemo right now )
140. when he acts all depressed or talking about his dark past get real close 2 his face and say "Hey mistaw gwumpy giwls" (me: yeah i still watchin Nemo)
141. try 2 guess his fav. color (sorry if i already said that)
142. start crying everytime he says Naruto's a loser and say "Why? Why are you always picking on my precious Naruto -kun? *starts crying*
143. make him watch every chick flick known to man and 6 to monkeys
144. force him 2 watch educational t.v.
145.when he looks at u curl into a ball on the ground & say "It's looking at me......:("(begin fetal position)
146. hide speakers around his room and when he's just falling asleep say "SASUKE! THIS IS GOD!" (you can tell him to do whatever you want or you'll "smite him")
147. refer to his sharingan as "the force"
148. curl up in a ball when he looks at u and say "...*in a whiny voice* it's looking at me....*wimpers until Sasuke is gone*"
149. chase him around all day
-when u catch him say GIVE ME MY GOLD LEPRECHAN!!!!!
150. do everything on this list then show it 2 him

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Saturday, April 8, 2006

characters i adopted
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characters i adopted
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: P
I am bored. I love Gekido and Roy!!! I mostly love Gekido!!!!
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