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Hey! furubaFANN here. I know, I know. My site isn't too fancy right nao, but I'll fix it up laterz...maybe. LOL. Much love, Aiko.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Fur Is DEAD!
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Hey...*cough cough*
*COUGH HACK WHEEZE* >> yeah...i have a cold now...its horrible...
lastnight, i went to the beach with my friends again, and it was freezing...again. so yeah, but it was sooo much more fun than last time we went. OH!! and guess what!?!? when Lemay was driving Usagi and I back to my house, we got in a street race!!!!!! omg it was the coolest thing EVER!!!!! :D we wern't even driving and i was freaking out it was sooo much FUN!!!!!!! and we TOTALLY won. the guy wouldnt give up, but we automatically won when we both had to turn opposite ways. :D omg, i just can't stop raving about it!!!!!! w00t!!!! oh dude. i had so much fun lastnight. but now, i have a bad cold bc the water was so cold and i didn't dry my hair lastnight... <<;;
anyways. how are all of you?!?!
LOVE YOU GUYS. [even though i rarely get comments anymore...LOL?...but thats my fault anyways. ^^;;]

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

-huff- hey there, dudez. i just got back from my state competition, and i'd rather not go into too much detail about that, lol. but i will tell you that i was really sick on the bus and then i felt so bad in McDonald's that i started to cry haha.

ya so i havent been on in a while [like i promised i would... T-T ] -sigh- so ya...

WHAT DO I SAY NOW??? >_> maybe some QUESTIONZ. w00t w00t

-1-What type of food do you NOT like?
-2-Do you have an imeem account?
-3-What [cell]phone network do you use? [Verizon, AT&T, Cingular, etc.]
-4-What's your cell number? LOL J/K J/K

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