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Monday, June 20, 2005

Well Tommarroww i am gettin my ID from the DMV.This is good becuz if i want to save my Xbox360 Money,it would be better if i put the money in the bank.I jus hope i get up early cuz we leave at 8:30!And Since today is comedy block on Adult Swim,I may go to sleep late.Well thats really it for today,oh yea, did n e one see last nites Samurai Champloo?That Show is probably one of the greatest anime ive ever seen.n e ways, yestardays episode was a good one,very funny!Oh yea,1 more thing,does ne 1 like my BG?i thank element@888 for such a good wallpaper!i found it on the otaku wallpapers.Well thats it fer today,peace out ppl!
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Friday, June 17, 2005

   How Many Months Has It Been!?
HeyLo Everyone A Gain!Long Time No Post!hahaha what a good one i just made!well i lied to ppl bout postin daily last time but i was jus to busy.there wouldnt be ne thing fun to talk about really anyways.same ol same ol here man As Always!what have i done!?oh yea!jus today i placed 206 out of thousands of ppl in DOA Ultimate Survival mode!On Easy N e ways...oh,ive also taken an obsession to the XBox360!I must get it when it comes out,cant waait!but for the PS3,i am a really disappointed.Sony Made Me buy Gods Creation(N e 1 see the PSP South Park Episode?),when it can be played on a PS3!DAmnit All!ahhhh, well i guess thats it fer today,ill see everyone later!

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

   Doom Movie!!!!!!!!!!
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Finally,a Great Horror Shooter game to theaters this october!That is rite,Doom the movie!For Those Old Skool and new skool gamers,Doom is a treat.Having the recent doom release,Doom3,a movie is being made(or is made already),wit some sense of the story of doom 3.I have some inside stuff that i found out,so if ur a fan and dun care about spoilers or a movie person who hates spoilers(i think),i will giv the info n e ways.!Oka,so most ppls fav westler is starring in Doom,thats rite,The Rock!The Rock gav some of this info on a talk sho(damn i frgt which 1 though),he explained many things.First of all,a group of special ops squadron is sent to planet Olduvai,not mars though!(damn).The squad got a distress call from the science lab there.When the squad gets there,they find that monsters that were created in the labs(not hell),were killing everything.To giv off a few things,the rock's character turns evil...In some interviews,he may be a commander of hell.(yay)They also say that Rock Transforms into something else than human.Rock will be playing a commanding officer with a current name of Sarge(another one).Another lead role is Karl Urban.U may kno him,LOTR,Riddick,and the Bourne Supremacy,in LOTR he's Eomer.Karl will be the real main character.And wouldnt u kno,theres a character,Pinky,who when teleports to the science lab,gets caught in somethin or something,and has to use a wheelchair.Info says he transform into something later.(i wonder what,Oh,PINKY DAMNIT)the Director is one someppl kno,like from thirteen days,and some others,Andrzej Bartkowiak.This Movie is also rated R...Since there were Rumors of this movie being a PG-13(yeah Right),this is a big relief.Oh and,the weapon the rock is holding in the pic,it may be a BFG,The Bio-force gun, or the Big F***ing gun.ne how,the gun will be in the movie.well, thats all i kno for now,ill try to keep updated on the movie,until next time ppls,

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Friday, April 15, 2005

   Finally....An update
Well Hello Everyone!!!!!!!Long times no sees.I havent updated in quite a while...well,a few things happened while i was away.A crap load of parties i had to go to...a bDay bfore my bday,i got some bday present real real early,my bday in a month...uhm,i got a PSP(Bday).uhhh...bought a ton of manga and anime DVDs(tons).and a hell of alot more.im about half way through skool now,and we r goin to do some testing next week.then in about 5 weeks,anfter i get out of skool,ill be goin to the philipenes,and prob a few other places...well, now that im bak,ill be sure to update frequently...well now,see ya guys later!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!.........guess what!!!!nothing new has happened yet!which is exciting to most ppl of course!i kno it is!
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