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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

   Home Again

Wow it's been so long...o___o;;;

I'm not sure why I'm posting really..I guess I'm just enjoying the memory of this place xD It used to be so busy and full of people that I couldn't keep up >_O;; Plus everybody was so nice here! x3

I still remember when I was trying to get more then 100 guestbook signatures yup yup =w= I never did though o_o;; It was a lot harder then it seemed xD;;;
But I still remember all the great friends I made here and some I still talk too..some I don't sadly.. It happens I guess ^^;; I wish this place was still connected with TheO. That seemed to be the down point, when the two got separated.
ANYWAYZ xDD Thaz enough mopey talk outta me! I just wanna say that I hope everybody is doing really great ^^ I'm doin' great too x3 Been havin' my down times of course but still goin' strong! >.O I still draw of course, and watch anime and read manga and all that jazz xD Yep yep I'm still yer average Otaku~ :3 And at least I can still try and be one of the top in fanart! ITS NOT A LOST DREAMMM >_____O

xDDD I really miss this site and all of you guyz! Keep on bein' as great as you always were on here kay? ^^

~Haley(Or as some of you may know..Marina, Wolfy, Supa Blond..etc. xDDD Gah I had too many names >.>''' )

P.s. Maybe I'll post here again..it's still a nice little online journal for me x3
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