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Monday, May 1, 2006

   hi! hehe
Hi so yeah I haven't posted or commented in a loooooooooong time. Sorry! sorry! i've been busy with school and stuff. Hey its my freshmen year at high school and its a new school at that. So they cram projects and papers to raise your grades like a final. Damn I'm really sorry I haven't been on but I have a myspace now and I'm there sometimes. My URL there is the same here wolf_wasenshi.

Anyway how have all of you been? I'm doing ok I guess although I don't have my anime club thing anymore since my school replaced that with this R.E.S.T.A.R. thing where you go to classes your failing and try to raise your grades and if your not failing any you tutor and you go to 3 classes. It's really boring since I have to tutor Spanish, Math, and World Studies they're not my best classes so I dunno why they put me to tutor those classes.

So has everyone been seeing the rally thing if your skipping school for the whole "day without a mexican thing" I'm currently in school and theres not much people here since they went on the field trip to the rally or didn't come to school and since they don't care what we do now I had time to get on here YAY!!

Oh yeah my brother is graduating from College in 2 weeks yay and my sis got a job at Banana Republic!, my other sis finished her PSAE(?)and ACTs(i think) Things are going good I think and schools almost over! WOw I've misssed this site but is it just me or are less people getting on here? oh well. Well I'll try to leave comments on some sites k'bye^^ and again sorry

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