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Saturday, January 14, 2006

YAY!!! it's officially Raven fire93's (my sister)birthdayand as a double YAY!! It's also my brother Alex's birthday!! Thy're both old now!!raven is now officially a teenager which means more yelling and tantrums in the house. Yeah I hate that coming of age part of life thing. Does anyone remember that time you turned 13? I kinda zoned outwhen my sis was talking about what i might experiance. With high school I've been busier.

Well otther than that I also did a mySpace page. It took my friend awhlie to make me do a page until I decided to just do one. My teacher decided to have an anime thing after school Tuesday so that's good for me. I'm also gonna get hyper with pixie sticks!! Guess what?! the first thing we're gonna watch is SAMURAI X!!! He asked to write a list of what we want to see and I told my friends to put Samurai X and well majority rules XP

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