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This site consists of my books and poems (and occasionlly a summary of the day.) sign my guest book, comment, and most importantly ENJOY UR STAY!!!!

i promise not to use my inhumane strength to hurt you... o, and i put some quizes on here too i think this one suits me pretty well, but i have a very contradictory personality so.... none COMPLETELY suit me...

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Monday, December 25, 2006

its been forever since i posted i know, but for some reason when i realized i had nothing to do this site popped into my head. So for the last couple of months life's been...interesting...i get up at 4:30 and go to swim practice, then i get to school or if there isnt any school i come home and work out...then i just sit down and do things alone....every once in a while one of my friends will im me and we'll talk for maybe ten minutes....yeah, life's GREAT...i'm gonna have some money to spend after the break because i've been feeding pets for some neighbors who are out of town...today it was raining and i was freezing, but for some reason i just felt awake and happier than usual...i guess i'm always alone, and it felt out of place NOT to feel cold lol...and yet ive been spending the break making things for those friends i was talking about, the ones who are never around lol...w/e...well...ya...i guess i'll start getting on a litle more often...
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Friday, May 12, 2006

back from the depths
hey....havent posted in a while...soccer season just ended and now im back to just swimming in the morning so i ACTUALLY HAVE TIME TO POST...ya i no a miracle right? my life relly isnt that interesting so srry cant amuse neone w/ that...my dad has been gon for a while now...he ws supposed to be home 2 hours ago but his flight was delayed....my mom and i have been fighting as usual....mothers day should be the worst as usual....going to visit some ppl in the place where i used to live soon for their graduation...maybe ill see some of my old friends there (if they actually want to talk to me) dont no if they will cuz i havnt talked to some of them in a year....neway....thats it relly....


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Thursday, April 6, 2006

its crossed my mind
many times
what am i doing here
when i could be there
with those ppl
those ones that i hold dear

i could be having fun
with everyone
i could just play
just relax
sit out with them
all of the day

i could be doing what i want
without another thought
to what the future holds
just be happy
just like them
if only i were so bold

instead wat i do
is what im told to
and wat i think
will help me
be the best
i can be

so its so sad
im waisting away
but one day ill be glad
or thats my hope
my wish is that it will be that way

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Friday, March 3, 2006

hey all from the person uve prolly forgot is on myo...
well...ive been more than busy....soccer for HS every afternoon....swimming in the morning....hw till midnight....four hours of sleep....repreat...(w/ school btwn swimming and soccer....) so thats y i havent been here....hope u guys still care to look at my posts...


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