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Sunday, May 29, 2005

   Full Metal Panic
I just finished watching full metal panic. I'm extremely happy now. I like the way the show went and it's been awhile since i've watched an anime with a happy, non-open ending. I've be scared about finals and my confidence in myself was greatly shaken. I'm more determined than ever to do good and have faith in myself again. It's comforting to know there are people who care for me so much. I must thank Ryoshi-san. He had been distance for a longtime and I was afraid I did something wrong. He's been lending me stuff again and is as kind as ever. I'm going to keep trying^^
You Are: Kaname Chidori!
You are fiery, independant, trustworthy and
responsible. Girls and boys are intimidated by
you. However, deep down you have emotional
fuzzy feelings too. You just rarely show them.
Guys like Kurtz don't impress you either.
Whether you admit it or not, you want a guy
like Sagara.

What Full Metal Panic Character Are You? (Images!)
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you are goofy vash
You are goofy vash. Your just down right happy.
maybe even a little perverted. =3 You laugh at
everything and pretty much jus act like a
goofball. But its okay, you're funnerer this

What Kind of Vash are you today? a trigun quiz
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I am Rem Saverem, a friend from Vash's distant past.

My ideaology shaped Vash's current life philosophy. I am an

idealist who believes that one makes one's own future.

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