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Saturday, May 20, 2006

hello everyone am hoping that all of you had a good week. i had a oki week and having two finals out of the way cuz fo the seniors in them. well i just need to study for 4 more class for next week and especially for my stupid math class which i hate my teacher. tomorrow i meet up with my friend valerie to study and get at least a B on the final in order for us not go to summer skool. lots of pressure for us two! well today am going to go to the mall and get my baby sis ears pierced. i hope that all of you have a great and fun weekend!

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

WAT UP EVERYONE! how does my site look? well 2 more weeks unitl skool finishs for me yay! my essay part for the finals is this monday and tuesday as well i gotta study real hard in order for me to pass the exams well this part of thr exam i still need the objective part of the test which will be next monday. nothing much has happen in skool and everything is the same all the drama that everyone goes though. yesterday i brought a cake for my friends b-day and i totally forgot that she was going to her boyfriends prom XP o well the ppl that were still in class ate it can't let food spoil lol. well gotta stop typing cuz my cast in my finger is in the way. i broke it playing basketball in aberobics class. now its all swollen wit the annoying cast on! have a fun interesting weekend to all.

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