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Friday, May 15, 2009

Artwork made by javajafa from DA. I was raised in a small quiet town until I had to move when I was 13. That summer, I started living in a loud, busy city. It didn't start out so well: the kids were annoying, the teachers were cruel, and the ride on the bus was no better. Luckily, I've made great friends to help me get by. I attended a Christian Academy in high school. I have made a great connect to new friends and God. Although, the academy closed in '07, still, I'll never forget them. My grandfather, a famous preacher in town, died at 74 before school started. I sadly didn't make a strong relationship with him unlike my brother, but his lost is my gain. I finally get to see my grandmother more often. She takes the family shopping and restaurants at least 3 times a week! I don't care if she's rich or poor. I'm just glad she's around. I had to finish my senior year in Adult High School in a local college. It was rough, and lonely, but I made it though! I finally graduated in '08 and had a crazy summer. Now, I am a freshmen college student. It's harder than high school, but hey, more freedom. I do not come to TheO often, so do not expect me to answer messages or update this site. If you want to visit me, please click on the links to my other pages on the right. Thank you! 


WOW! I really need to dust the cobwebs off my site, huh? ^^' Bad and good news about this year's video games:

-Nintendo Wii is promoting the MotionPlus in June 8. It's a game device that makes your video character move when you move. ^^

-Video game sales have been going downhill again. April sales went down 17%.

That's as far as I know! Have a nice summer! ^^

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