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hey everyone

I’m back!!! ^^ yeah so sorry for the sudden disappearance =( looooong list of family problems, computer break downs, groundingss, and actually, major life changing events…but all is well now ^^ and I’m having the time of my life! lol wow, don’t mind me >< anyway….i’m seventeen, and my name is Jenna. I’m a senior in high school, and I enjoy a bunch of things, but to get a vague idea u can look at my info on the side.

to spare you a really long and boring intro, I’m still cable challenged -_- and very very very poor =( but I get what I can, and if ya’ll wanna chat my im is RockerGal3600 <~it’s too much effort to actually come up with a new sn (did I mention I’m a laazy ass??)

so thnx for stopping by, look around, and enjoy yourself while you’re here and I’ll see if I can post some new artwork sometime soon ^^

for the inuyasha fans out there (especially the sango and miroku ones, here’s an awsome site for some pics ^^ http://members.lycos.co.uk/mirosan/deffinatly worth the visit ^^ (I’ll get some more sites up when I can make this work right ^^;; )

and here’s another great site for midi and all kinds of good stuff… inu-tag.tk

*proud member of the mushroom patrol* thnx to Sango 123!!!! (thanx Sango123!!!! ^^)

Moshimoshi, hey, hi, and hello!
thnx for stopping by

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

   new pic!! OO

woo i finished something!!!! check it out!! then let me kno if u like it better than the origional...if u can find it anyway ^^;; lol i kno it's int there somewhere. anyway, it doesn't look as good as it did when i actually had it in photoshop...but still i'm proud of it ^^ i think it's the first one i've ever actually finished on a computer! ^^

o! and apparently my gb doesn't let me kno when someone new signs it anymore =( so i checked today and saw a bunch of new people i had no idea had been signing it!! so i'll get back to ya'll today and so sry i just foind out!!

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   hey hi and hello! ^^

well i've been kicked out of my room (due to reconstruction ^^;;) so i'm downstairs playin wit the good computer ^^ i also got hooked on this one idea that might possibly turn into a story (can't make any promises -_-) but in either case, i've been working on this one picture that i'd already drawn (the girl with the short purple hair) and i scanned her, am coloring it in photoshop and basically updated her...the most noticable one being a new hair style ^^ i'm wicked excited because i've been sitting here for two hrs and i'm still actually set on finishing it!!!! ^^ lol so with any luck i should be done today and have it posted for ya'll to see ^^

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

   SUNBUUUUUUUUUUUURN!!!!!!!!!!! >_o

so i had the BEST day ever yesterday! ^^ first thing in the mornin i jumped on the boat with my best buds chris and felicia and my sis moje ^^ we went over to middle ground (which is a GIANT sandbar) for one of the BIGGEST parties there!! it was awsome!! and there was some ranom golf tournament that kinda turned into let's see who can hit the most people tounrament ^^; lol and once the tide started comin up, some of us (which turned into about 20-30ish people) migrated over to the house boat where we basically hung out waiting for the tide to get high enough to play with the water slide and jump off the top. the tide was so strong tho we were getting dragged along the bottom lol. then of course we got to go down the water slide, but by then the tide was so bad that we really used just about every muscle to make it to the front of the house boat instead of goin inbetween that and the boats tied up to the side lol but of course after that the only place to go was a little path underneath the boat which at various occasions got to the point where there was not enough air space and we had to glide under the water ^^ THEN we got to jump off the top which was so much fun! ^^ i did a cannonball and splashed half the people there ^^ but we had to grab onto the safety lines and pull ourselves back in after, or swim our a$$'s off. it was hilarious really ^^

then of course afterwards we went to the drags! (uh the drag strip where it's a straight strip of special asfault and they race cars down it as fast as they can go) and we got to see the jet cars, and there was a jet ambulance (yes a jet ambulance!) and when the flames came out of the back it was so HUGE and hot that we literally couldn't look at it and had to back up a bit!! IT WAS AWSOME!!!! lol

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