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☼ Follow blindly through the black dust of an angel and walk straight in to the shadows of destiny. Let he who leads me along this path be the one who knows nothing of my destination or the journey towards it. Let the man who leads me through life be me, so that I may make every second of it count. ß

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

   Moon light
yeah, big almost full moon last night, perfect time to be outside. Just couldn't help but go for a walk, took a few detours ended up at the river a few times, it looked amazing in the moon light, except for the damn bugs trying to eat me.

Last night was my first good night of rest in years, i didn't wake up once, i didn't even dream. And today, yes today is shapeing up to be a great day. Started off relaxed, took a nice long shower, watched the world come to an end (thats allways fun), went to work while rocking out to some awsome techno, found a squirt gun my boss had hidden in the office, soaked the other employees.

Over all a great day so far.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

And now it's here the best day of the year, a day when... i open up the small cavity in my chest and put my heart back in. This is looking like a good day though, i'm getting off work at lunch to eat with a friend and nerd out togethor watching anime.

I'm such a romantic. loL

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

   great, now i feel better!
"Things are jarring somewhat in your emotional universe, dear michael! Between your need for clarity, which comes from Justice, and the indecision that the Lovers are generating, there is a conflict of interest which youíll find difficult to reconcile. While youíll be demanding stability, firmness and honesty, youíre getting messages and sentiments that are vague and obtuse. No wonder youíre general feeling today is one of discomfort if not distress. In your professional life, you are allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by dark thoughts, and the despondency coming your way from the pairing of the Moon and the Lovers could provoke a crisis with your colleagues. Don't let yourself be assailed by doubt or paralyzed by hesitation, or others will make decisions for you. Give yourself a shake, decide on a line of behavior and try and hold it together. If not, you'll just be treading water!"

Well that made my self asteam go up...

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

   winter-een mas
yes, thats right winter-een mas is here, for the last few days, i have done my duty and paid my respects to the gods of gameing. I hope all of you had a wonder full winter-een mas weekend, and to those true patrons i hope that your thumbs do not falter in your many gameing exploits.

A very merry winter-een mas holiday to all.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

   Good Day
Life is good, work is slow but thatís all good, I mean it does cut in to my bonus a little bit, but Iím not a man of Material possessions, I just like buying them for other people. Iíve learned a lot at work though, people mostly understanding and try to help in anyway they can, ďonly if it helps them though.Ē I guess it all works out, I just get online all day, tell people what to do, and thatís really about it other then paper work.

Oh yeah, met a young woman the other day, started talking, neither of us could shut up. It was good, probably the best conversation Iíve had in a long time. Now every day I go out for lunch, just to talk over a table, it feels great to talk with some one who doesnít act like they are tweleve. Plus sheís dead sexy (I donít have a shot) not really the point though.

Probably the first person who actually likes the sketchís I did of her, they turned out well and Iíll be posting them once I get my scanner back, Iíd hate to ruin them by using my digital camera.

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