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Hey ppl! It's False Dreams and Spreading Wings at ur service!! We got bored and so we made a site for the two of us as stupid as that seem. We've been friends since first grade and we've been through a TON together so don't even try to seperate us! U CAN'T!!! Right now the theme is angels as u can tell XD All the blonde sweet/emo/cute angels r of Rach (Dreams) and all the burentte gothic/smart/cute angels r of Ellen (Wings) that's just how u know who is who. LOL

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False Dreams

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Spreading Wings

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whoa...Wings and I totally forgot about this...D: hmmmmm I guess we were really busy w/ our sites to care LOL. Hmmmmm idk what say, there's nothing going on right I guess...wow so many dots... :D DOTS!!!!


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