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Thursday, December 8, 2005

A post.

Well, hasn't it been forever?

School was canceled today on acount of ice. (Stupid Texans) I really wanted to go today, oh well.

I did end up going to all-region and did make it, but 2nd chair instead of first. (FRITH!!)

It's soo flipping cold. I'm wearing 3 layers.

BooBahs are farting in the back ground.

I'm going to update my site.

Blogging really does calm my nerves.

Oh! I have a new crush. Joshie, your nice and all but your a little bit over my age range (24) and I found another guy, but I still like you alot. You will remain my avi, maybe forever, until I find a really good one of Michael.

Yes, that's his name. I am not as obsessed with him. This gives me a brilliant idea on my new theme!! I have got to go and take more quizzes!!


So life goes on, I have begun flirting more (if you consider that a good thing.)

The Dali Lama says:
"The enemy is a very good teacher."

Nifty, no?

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