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Monday, January 16, 2006


It's been long. Too long.
I've been feeling quite constricted since I haven't posted...

Well, over christmas I went to california. It was fun. We went to disneyland. During the parade (at disneyland) I saw this marching band from Kyoto. They were ALL GIRLS! Except one guy, who was really tall, who played the trumpet. They all looked soo cute in their yellow uniforms!! It was quite cool.

It's odd. I want to blog but when I sit down to do it. it doesn't come out. It's frustrating.

I have also found another cutie guy. His birthday was yesterday. He is officially 19 years old. He looks like this:
I am mostlt like Lucas
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No I am not Lucas. I came out as Josie or Marshall, I forget which.
He's too cute, I mean attractive.

I'll stop about that before I start ranting.

YOu know, I really like to draw with crayons. What about you?

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

A post.

Well, hasn't it been forever?

School was canceled today on acount of ice. (Stupid Texans) I really wanted to go today, oh well.

I did end up going to all-region and did make it, but 2nd chair instead of first. (FRITH!!)

It's soo flipping cold. I'm wearing 3 layers.

BooBahs are farting in the back ground.

I'm going to update my site.

Blogging really does calm my nerves.

Oh! I have a new crush. Joshie, your nice and all but your a little bit over my age range (24) and I found another guy, but I still like you alot. You will remain my avi, maybe forever, until I find a really good one of Michael.

Yes, that's his name. I am not as obsessed with him. This gives me a brilliant idea on my new theme!! I have got to go and take more quizzes!!


So life goes on, I have begun flirting more (if you consider that a good thing.)

The Dali Lama says:
"The enemy is a very good teacher."

Nifty, no?

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Life...thou art but a wickedness!

Koori (ShadowIceAngel) came over today. We had fun. She started to type another one of her (GREAT!!) one-shots. I'm getting the vibe that it's a Koori/Sasuke fic.

I found some doujinshi on the web today. It was...interesting. ((Gah! I hate gore!)) I'm going to join a new messege board.(I think it's open.)

Life goes on in its solem way.

I have got! to make my quota on the RP. I think i need a few more plot bunnies. (It's going to be a long one.)

(I'm parentheses happy today. (Can you tell?))

IMed a guy from school today...it was interessting...(*whispers*He's not a very good conversationalist.)

I found out that I can't go to All-Region Band this year. (I almost cried when I found out) And I'd been working soo hard on the music too!! I would have made first chair and the Fates know it. (Grrr...) I'll definentaly make All-Region choir this year tho.


Sometimes I really wish I had a life.

Today, the Dalai Lama:
"History shows taht most of the positive or beneficial developments in human society have occurred as the result of care and compassion. Consider, for example, the abolition of the slave trade....Ideals are the engine of progress."

I think I'm getting a headache...

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