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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

   Another Day...another update (a long one, at that)

Hi. Just about to go and read the new parts of the Star Wars fanfic.

Got my Prog. Report. The all around average is 96! Wow! My grades are great this year.

Today, during FFF fund raising, I got "told off" by the principal for threatening the students. Ha ha...*ahem*

All-Region Band is coming up, I'm really working the situation. The bad thing is that Bernie works well when he is warm, and the band hall is very cold. So I can never ever ever ever get the notes right during the tests.

I need some new reeds to wear down by the contest. It's on a Saturday too. Lovely.

Taking the Explore(c) Test tommorrow. It's supposed to tell me what job I'm most compatible with. I can't wait!!

The school's one-act tryouts were on Monday.
I want to be stage manager SOOOO bad. I kinda kept bothering the theatre arts teacher who was directing it, so I finally got the part.
<.< But no one's supposed to know...>.> You didn't see(read) anything...

Last Monday...
-we had a concert and everyone complemented me on my hair! I had it split on the side and a few bangs were in my face. I think that the best thing about my outfit that night were the faux pearls I wore. They really do work well with me.
Some people thought I had gotten contacts b/c I wasn't wearing my glasses. (The fact is: I lost them.)

...Um...nothing much. Happened that day. House was on, I watched it. It was about the baseball player with the baby and the donor thing. Bones was on too. It was a repeat.


The "Words of Wisdom 2005 Calander" the Dalai Lama says to, "Be a nice person. Be a good person."

Lets see if we can put this into practice shall we?


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Friday, October 14, 2005

Hi again

I am now going to go around to HTML geniuses and ask kindly(if not beg) for thier help with my blog skins. PLEASE HELP Me!!

Ok. Maybe i'm not that desperate.
Frith, I'll deal.

The One-Act Play auditions are on Monday, so I get to get out of swimming. I want to be stage manager. I still need to get the hots on the play tho.

Well gotta go do research. Ta.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

   THAT DOES IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone PLEASE!! help me with this blog skin thing!! It is not working!!! Help me!!!!!!!!!

Tell me how to make one and you will have just made my day!!


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   Ha Ha!!! An update!!

Sooo it's been decided. I am not going to quit swimming...until next semester. It seems I can be in the play and in swimming at the same time!! I just need to email the coach.
Oh I hope I get stage manager!!!!

I thought I forgot K--- at school but found out later that she had gone to a doctors appointment.

The scroll bar on this bloody blog box is not working!!!! Gah!!!

CSI's on tonight. Don't think I'll be watching it tho. I also missed house this week. Does anyone know what happened?

Life goes on!! I shall try and fix the blog box prob.


Isn't this the most awesome BG??


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Monday, October 10, 2005

   I'm BACK!!

Wow. Wow....So many guestbook signings...so little time!!

I'm glad that last post went through. It was a long one. My comp froze right after I pressed "Add Post." I was a total train wreck for about an hour.

I'm not liking this ice cream thing anymore. I think I will look for a more practical one.

Ta for now.


Isn't this the spiffiest CLAMP(c) BG you ever saw?

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Friday, October 7, 2005


Umm.. Sry I haven't been on.

Well, heres an update.

Cynthia and I are working on this story together. It's mainly DNAngel. It going very well. (Must send her a messege...)

Made a new friend, His name's Brandon. Total Gammer, very cool. He wrote this Star Wars fanfic, right? It's like a diary done by vader. It is HILARIOUS!!! I am begging him to publish it, so you peoples (whoever you are) can read it too!!

Life is interesting. I need a new blog space thing. This is driving me crazy.

Still in swimming; still doing murder to my hair. Made new friends in swimming too. Names are...:Katy (overachiever like Katherine; they're getting along very well.), Maddie (In orchestra, plays Cloe the Cello, and fences (How cool is that??)), Andrea, Stacy (a cheerleader, who quit), Kendra (already knew), Sarah (Already knew), Kimberly and Dyana (both nuts and very ghetto (If you get my fling)), and Alex! Who just moved here.

Life is...interesting.

Mom deleted my account in the comp so all...my...pics...and stories...and...wallpapers...and...Joshie!!..and the avis, and Dr. Joshie...;^~^; ALL GONE!!!

Boy, was I mad. Did i tell you about that? I don't remember anymore.

I take geometry this year. Had a test today, very easy. I think we may be getting a new student into the class. Only 9 people so far. That would make ten. See?
9 + 1 = 10!!

We're studying the universe in class. I'm totally into the stars now. (Hence the Eagle Nebula)

Some how, I always smell slightly of chlorine.

House (tm) wasn't on this week and I was mad. They put a stupid baseball game instead. (bloody idiots)

Numb3rs is on tonight. It's the episode where the movies star has a stalker get through her security system.

*Yawn* I'm tired now. Better get back.
I'll go fix up the site now. Ta.


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Sunday, August 21, 2005

   Haven't posted in a while.

Hi. I haven't posted in a while. Schools been hectic. My locker's lock was disfunctional, then I found out I was using the wrong locker. Swimming was interesting, but mom can't pick me up until 5:30 and swimming ends at 4. If I want to do after school stuff, I have to quit swimming. So I'm quitting swimming.
I'm gonna watch "Sky Captain and the World of Tommorow." Jude Law is kinda hot.
Bored today. Laundry day. Nothing to where.
Went to a sleepover on Friday. It was fun. Except my allergies got to me.
*sigh* Lots of rumours going around. Not about me. *sigh* Even Joshie isn't making me feel better, and that's saying something!

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Friday, August 12, 2005


Oh dear. School going to start on Teusday! Today @ 2pm I have to go and get my schedule. Hopefully I'll have everything that I signed up for!
I can't wait! But I'm kind of scared and shy at the same time. *sigh* Hopefully I'll get over it.
We have to pick up my step-dad from the airport, today. He's coming to visit for Renu's B-day. ((Maybe he'll buy me a new swim suit? Or two. Or three. Or four...))
A short post for now. I might post later to add on to this.


The schedules are in!!

Period: Class
1 Choir
2 ELA Reading Pre AP
3 Social Studies Pre AP
4 Geometry Pre AP
5 LUNCH!!!
6 Symphonic Band
7 SWIM!!

YAY!!! I made the swim team!!! WOOHOO!! ((Does the happy dance)) I have to change my BG and Avi now. LATER!!!

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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Ha. I'm in a much better mood. I surfed the web awhile and found some nice Joshie video clips to cheer me up. It's great to have something to believe in. No matter what it is: God, Allah, Music, Buffy, Buddha, Dhali Lama, you name it!! We all need to believe in something. And right now, for me, in my troubled teenage years, it's music. So on your way out, notice the avatar(If I haven't changed it) And believe me when I say. "What-ever!" to my horrible angsty feelings!

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Bjorky Mood

I'm in a Bjorky mood. All angsty and jazz. I had an absolutely horrible day yesterday. It was my little sister's birthday, so it started out great! But then we went to the eye doctor and I forgot my glasses. Then my Renu forgot her hat inside the doctor's office. So I had to run inside through the rain to get it. Did I mention that it rained all day?
Normally I wouldn't complain, but we were driving around town and getting out of the car often, so I had to get out first and help my sis, then mom get out of the car. Then to celebrate Renu's b-day we went to this pink teahouse place. It was full of old ladies, and a group of people having a mother daughter outing before college. It was incredibly loud. (Think about it)
And Right after lunch I had a dental appointment, so I didn't get to brush my teeth before going to the dentist, so when the cleaned my teeth it hurt, a LOT. Whe got a new dentist so that was okay. Then I had something put on my molars so they seemed overly large, and that hurt. It was hard to eat so I didn't have dinner.
Then mom and I started to watch Alfie. mom promised I could watch it with her when we got it from Hollywood Video(C). Well, 3 minutes into the movie and she's like, "----, I don't think you should watch this."
And I said, "Mother I want to watch it."
And then we had a big fight. It wasn't pretty.
*sigh* Then I went to bed...crying...

So there you have it. My sucky day.
You know I'm kinda glad I have this blog.

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