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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gun's and Roses

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Welcome to MyO!!

I really suck at intros so I'm not going to type much here. You can find out most of the stuff about me by reading my post and talking to me and junk! I enjoy making friends so feel free to PM me and everything! Oh, and sign the Guestbook too!


The Poetry Union,The SasuNaru FC

Hello everyone!!

Happy Wednesday!

I hope all of your days were good! Mine was boreing, as always. >.<
But I do have Snikerdoodles to look forward to!!
XD In my cooking class we're going to be makeing Snikerdoodles soon, which are some kind of cookie. I've never had them before but I'm sure they'll be fun to make! XD

On my homepage there's a type of 'Quotes of the day' thing and there was one on there today that I thought was kinda funny.

"Those who believe in telekineses, raise my hand"

XD It made me laugh.
I don't really know why though. o.o

Well, I guess that's all I have to say, sorry for the lame post!

Have a good day!

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