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Who am I? WHAT am I? Where am I? How am I?

Such interesting questions...I'm just the White Fox, a girl who recently was pushed into the direction of this site by a friend. Who knows, I might be here, I might not.

Ah, the inevitable pot warning:
98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2% who doesn't give a shit, copy and past this into your signature.
(That's what it SHOULD say)

Seriously, does that make me a bad person if I tried it once? Get over yourselves.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gotten used to this place..
I've been uploading pics regularly here, so I guess I've gotten used to this...though I wish I could do better at anime drawing so I could have more fanart on here than the mainly anthro stuff I've been doing. Oh well


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Monday, November 6, 2006

First Post...Introducing myself
I guess I'll be on here for sometime, at least just to put up my stuff in another location. I prefer the way sheezyart.com does this art community thing though, so expect me to be there more than here. A friend of mine asked (ok, somewhat begged? XD) me to get an account here so....yea.

Maybe I'll introduce myself. I'm not much of an anime drawer, but I do try from time to time for the sake of drawing requests. Many people request their characters in anime style, so I just look for a pose in Hana-Kimi and try to draw from there. Name's DK, or just Daho Kay. I'm currently an art student, mainly in Ceramic sculptural art, and plan to major in bio and anthropology as well, as you can clearly see from the thing on the side. I've never taken an art class otherwise, so I'm pretty new to drawing in general.

I'm a long time YYH and NightWalker fan, since they were first out in America actually. Youko, Kuronue, and Shido are my favorite characters. I dunno, there's something about long pretty hair that gets me.

Outside of anime, I've been familiar with some aspects of japan because I was, and still am, an avid reader of mythology. Inari is my favorite diety from japan, and actually one of my main ones. This is where my white fox character comes in. I did not know about anime (I saw that stuff on tv, like gundam wing and stuff, but didn't know what it was other than another cartoon with guns) when I was a child, but I did read a lot of mythology books in the library, and in one of them they talked about Inari and how she (yes, there's more references to a God rather than a godDESS, but there are both, I prefer goddess) has these celestial white foxes with nine tails and I was instantly hooked. This was loooong before ********* naruto (yes, I bleeped it out, hate that show with a passion) was even out in America and a year before I was introduced to Pokemon in 1997, so my white nine tailed fox fursona is actually 10 years old now. I was one of the originals baby. So do not make her out to be a rip off because you will be quickly corrected, and I will take it as an insult.

She's my most important character, she is me and I am her. This will be repeated several times in the future.

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