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I ONLY TAKE TRADES! All you have to do is tell me if itís from an anime, or an OC, and tell where you want your request character to be, [if anywhere, if you donít tell me I WILL leave it blank enless I had thought of something cute x3] tell me your characters name, weather or not if there is one or more. Tell me the colors, where the colors belong, and everything like that. Include eye color please! donít over due it though, I will not except a request with jewelry all threw the body, head to toe, weather or not you have a picture made of them for me to look off of, or even multiple colors, like red, blue, green, black, shade, etc. on one. I also have OCD and cannot perform 2 or more tails on one creature, unless it is not a regular animal. Next, do you want me to make a surprise for someone? Like for a birthday? Maybe a present to say Happy Holidays? THAT WILL BE THE ONLY TIME I WILL ACCEPT A REQUEST. If so, tell me WHO the surprise is for. And, if you may, keep the characters UNDER 3 per picture I WILL ONLY TAKE REQUESTS FROM OR FOR PEOPLE I KNOW AND OR TALK TO ON IM OR THREW PMING!!!!! Jeez people, donít consider yourself lucky just yet.



AIM: Batmuhn
E-MAIL: Batmuhn@aim.com
PM: White Wolf82


About the whole suicide thingÖ yes, I did try, no I did not succeed, and no, I donít feel any better, internal and external. I still want to die, but I wontÖ its justÖ Iím fucking retarded and need to die.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh yeah! my teacher FINALLY had her baby yesterday! [thank god shes gone >_<] She named it Brooklyn! [Brook] baby girl >=3
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Everyone... I'm back... so hit me with those screaming comments already...

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I always get this kind of stuffÖ
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If you were smartÖ youíd know this is real blood.

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I can't take life anymore... I've decided to end it... and i'm not like Asuka- I don't lie. Bye everyone i'll miss u *hugs*
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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bryan seems so happy over this that he's making me post it lol. we make eachother do stuff, we are such good friends lol =]
[to askua]
Can't take it, never could
Time to end it, wish you would
Everyone thatís there, they're no more
You're just another fucking whore
Dig yourself a hole in the ground
Sleep inside it so far down
Take a nap, itís not harm
Inject heroine in your arm

Kill yourself, kill yourself!
Why donít you fucking kill yourself?
Donít rely on anyone else
End it all, just kill yourself!
Life is just a one way ticket
Your another waste of time
Fuck it!
Slit your wrists because of me,
I shouldnít go threw this shit!
Make your life the jar's seal
Donít make a fucking big deal
No dramatics, donít overplay
'Cause you know that we'll all feel better once youíve gone away

Youíre a joke, thereís nothing left for you
A worthless thing, at everything you do


Canít take it no more
I want you to die
Why donít you go fucking hide?
Sleep with the precious birds
You should join a group of nerds

Why would It matter?
Did you know youíre gettingí fatter?
Youíre blood will be sure splatter

In a fight of war
With the oneís no more
Iíve closed the doorÖ now
Itís what Iím here to speak forÖ
Youíre only another senior
What do you have to ignore?
Youíre one I donít feel sorry for
You seem like an online menís store
Getting every man whore

But donít you remember?
Thereís a death that youíre responsible for
Drop to the damn floor!
Youíre another leading whore!

Youíre just another fall-for
Drown yourself on the seashore
Itís not worth to cry for
Iíd love to see your corpse

Chorus x2

(Kill yourself)


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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Hey everyone! bryan made a site it's Thorn Wolf ^_____^ go check it out, k? He's tryin to make friends
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sup everyone this is Bryan, Keiti's best friend. I'll be here for a while so if anyone wants to talk to me or Keiti we'll be switching. Seeing Keiti is making me do this I'll give u some info about me.
Blonde hair, Brown eyes, Skater, born on January 18, 1993, single at the moment but I do not date online, I have an eyebrow peircing and a bullring, and I just act myself.
Keiti forced me to create a wolf for myself, damn her, and she's also making me post that, too, so I am a white wolf, bullring of course and eyebrow also, black ears, and black paws, along with green eyes. Well I'm out, anyone PM me if you feel like chatting. I might decide to make a sn myself if I decide I like it here

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Friday, December 8, 2006

kenshinlovr14 is meh lil oompa loompa gf =] *beat*
oompa loompa, doopidy, doo!'
ive got another puzzle for you!
if u pass then u will go far
like the oompa loompa doopidy doo!
wat do u get when u gobble down sweets?
eating as much as an elephant eats!
something something something something
what do u thinki will come... of... that?
i dont like the look of it!

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fight with a teacher
i got into a fight with Mrs Straub [reading teacher] today. and for the most pointless shyt she gave me a detention. STORY TIME! *opens book* -^^- Okay, so i was sitting in my seat and she told me to open my book... right? well i obeyed, cause shes the teacher or the "almishty one" *rolls eyes* then she started yelling at me and told me "put that fucking shit down! i didnt tell you to fucking open it! see me after class." so i whispered, so only i could hear "fucking bitch, dont tell me what to do." her voice snapped, and her old ugly, wrinkled face turned red. "What did you say-?" "Are you too old to hear? i said Dont tell me what to do, you fucking bitch!" so she pulled me out in the hall [we have glass walls may i add so all the kids were watching] shes like "you dont EVER disrespect me like that EVER!" "calm down, Beasty, your so fat i cant even see your face when you talk! you barely have legs and arms, theyre just round rolls of fat on your body!" she was mad, i could tell, and i laughed at her, and so did the kids in the classroom. "Detention! go to the office emidiantly!" she handed me the slip. "Fine, whore, dont gatta tell me twice," i took it and walked away flipping her off. cant wait til monday! XD
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its my fucking sweet Hippo & Roy the pig! [song & video above]

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

yall know how you play guitar at school forcefully? well i was carrying mine in its case to my seat, and i saw the locks slip and unlock, so i hurried to close it again but the guitar fell out and rolled down a flight of stairs! >___< tell me that aint karma. the strings were bent, the wood was chipped and deformed... so ... i ya... 0=]
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Blue Bird
Hereís a story youíve never heard
This story is about a bird

There was this bird, he was black and blue
He was very stunning, and flattering, too
There was only one problem in his life
His white, obese wife!

She was known as the ugliest dove
They were defiantly not in love
He wanted to get a divorce and leave her
Maybe give her to the cats when he heard them purr

Then one dark night
When the moon was bright
The poor blue bird got stuck in a kite

A young, pretty bird came right on out
Do you need help she started to shout
The blue bird was dazed by her looks
He gulped and nodded as she handed him some hooks

What are these for he asked her nicely
They come in handy, they werenít very pricey!
Thatís when they knew they were in love
Then the dove came pushiní n shoveí

Stay away from my husband she screamed
Not a chance you ugly flea
The dove began to scream more and more
The pretty bird just yelled back whore!

Finally the dove gave in
Got a divorce from him cheatiní
She ran away shedding tears
The two laughed and had a couple of beers

In no time, they had kids
One, two, three, too many to bid!
The hard part was naming them all
How about Ball, Law, and Saul?

Then they all, got old and died
Their story to pass on from one big lie

Now thatís the story
As you see
I told you that youíd never heard it before me

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