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welive. I know. kind of a cheesy name, but hey i like it and so does my friends and bishie. I chose this name after one of my favorite songs call welive. it talks about how life can suck but we are able to move on. i learned through past years that holding a grudge will only make you even sicker. I placed this video on here along with another video to go with it so that you may understand what i'm talking about and just in honor of my friend Cardcaptor Ryoko. Enjoy.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

   This bandgeek is back and......zzzzzzzzzz
kanda; hmph. the dork is so tired she can't even post. i guess i am posting for her again

envy: you make it sound like a bad thing.

kanda: shut up! when i want you to talk i will tell you.

neji: anyways, after the last post she made, we went to a band competition call Music in the Parks. the band she was in made excellent 1st place which is a really big deal because-

envy: they whooped the schools top band!

horo: we also went on the tower of terror where envy almost died.

envy: NO I DID N-

neji: you screamed like a little girl when the doors opened and horo, you have no room to talk either. we stayed at the park for the rest of the day and talked about how one of kana's and kyarri's friend got pwned and soaked on the grizzly rapids. that was pretty much it.

deidara: hey guys! is it true that someone in kyarri's band stole a butter knife from the pirate dinner theater?

kanda: who asked you to come in?

*yawn* what's going-you are posting with out me!?! no....fair...zzzzzzzzz

neji: obviously kyarri's beat so we are going to go now.

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