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Whats goin on everybody! just sign my guestbook if u want. i like ot hear what anime ppl r into. I like to give it all a try. Oh an i gotta give Petie his props on helpin me out on this site.... Thanks. Everyone should check his site out as well!

Monday, August 23, 2004

for all of u who arent obssesed with Halo like myself, then u wouldnt know that at the end of the trailer for halo 2 in movie theaters theres a mysterious URL at the end. the URL is ilovebees.com. I went to that site out of curiousity an saw it has a countdown on it. It has three phases. The first two phases are over an the last oe ends tonight. Its less than an hour away, an the rumor is that u get Halo 2 demo. Im a freak for this game an it will be the bets game ever. So ill be back at midnight an tell u what ive found
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