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Friday, October 6, 2006

PARTY!!! Party!! party! ...party...

I'm (to say the least) kinda anti-social. I wish - well, not really. I'm glad i'm not like others. I'm; different. The only thing I wish is that people were more accepting to me. Then, I would have no troubles in the world. Wouldnt that be nice? Anyway, you're probably wondering why I wrote "party." Well, today I went to a party. I... don't socialize that well. And what I do worse is... DANCE! OMG, I'm a ****ing retard when it comes to dancing. But I HATE the way hispanics dance (dont think im racist, im part hispanic). They do that ass-shaking thing and the hip-twirling thing. At the party, they were making me do it and I was "smiling" but inside I wanted to scream "GET YOUR ****ING ASS OF MY ****ING BODY!" But instead, all I kept on saying was "No... I don't know how to dance... etc." *sigh*


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