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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

OMG! My finger is in so much pain. Its infected from biting my finger nails. Otakuer, please, if you bite your nails like I did, DO NOT BITE YOUR NAILS ANYMORE! Do you wan't to lose your finger?? I could lose mine. I can't even write with a pencil right now. My finger looks kind of like a rotten hotdog (to me). I've missed three days of school so far (which kind of sucks because of the extra work I will be getting and finger cannot handle this right now). Oh God, please, don't let me lose my finger. I SHALL NEVER BITE MY FINGER NAILS AGAIN! And you, Otakuer who is reading this, please, don't bite your nails anymore. I AM TRAMATIZED! I think if I ever see anyone biting their nails, I might just scream. Or something. OWIE! OUCHIES! My finger hurts. Its so swollen. I have to go to the hospital again to get it fixed before it gets too big. *sigh*



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