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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

   my birth-day is so damn soon

my birth-day is soon and im not too thrilled about it. i like being little! i don't wanna be 13. its gonna suck. it already sucks now! i bet none of my friend will remember. oh well, if i had the power to change the past, i wouldnt. but, i would stop time if i could. (my birth-day = july 15)

other than my birth-day being soon, something else is up. my ex-teacher mr. m is planning like a mini vacation to playland. i helped him plan everything but i feel bad because i cant even go anymore and i dont know how to break it to him. the truth is, its a bit too expensive for me. im just gonna tell him to call my house so my parents can tell him. after all, he is the adult and im the child... er - teenager...


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