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Saturday, July 1, 2006

   weird days...

these past few days have been weird. both good and bad weirds. so im just gonna bullet the events:

*im not getting a laptop.

*im getting a computer!

*i didn't go to the pool yet.

*my mother ruined my good bathing suit.

*i went to coney island yesterday. i bought a plastic sword! yay! ^_^

*i went shopping, i saw medivalwarrior, and he scared the crap outta me... ^_^

*... anyways... as i was shopping, i was looking for a new bathing suit, which was a nightmare... but, i found one that looks great on me! yay! ^_^

*medivalwarrior got a paid members account on rune scape and im totallly jealous!

*my best-friend was supposed to come over to my house today, but, some how he got in trouble and i heard his mother flip out on the phone (which was crazy, by the way).

*im going to pool tomorrow!

ok. whatever. heres a random question: someone comes to you out of nowhere and says "moo!" what do you do?


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