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Friday, June 16, 2006

   im not suicidal!

ok, lol. im not suicidal. when yesterday i said "i dont wanna kill myself anyomore," i meant that i feel like SOMEBODY instead of NOBODY. suicide is so dumb, yet so serious! i need to rephrase my words better. and medivalwarrior, after that "act," he really asked me out for real so HA! why do you want to tell everyone? you are so jealous! dont try to deny! muahahaha! nah, im just kidding. but keep cool, ok? and dont threaten or black-mail me anyomore. thats really low medivalwarrior, REAL LOW...!


oh yeah, something else happened today. my teacher, mr. m, isnt coming to teach my school again next year... he is going to teach some high-school. i dont blame him, my school kinda sucks anyway. well, not really... whatever! the thing is i havent even known him for so long and he is leaving! i love my teacher. i'll miss him... ive got an idea. next week on monday, i'll ask him for his home and cell number and e-mail and screen-name. i'll bother him everyday! muahahaha!


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