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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

   rune scape

i haven't slept for days because i am obsessed with rune scape thanks to special k! he showed me this game called runescape at www.runescape.com about a month ago. i am so obsessed, i haven't been posting in the otaku! im sorry. please forgive thewarriorgal! well, heres something new. someone was actually flirting with me in my class. his name is jorge m.. he... isn't the most popular in the classroom, but still pretty cool to me. i asked for his e-mail and he gave it to me. he stood me up 2 days now promising me he would be on at 8:00! but no, here i am waiting for some @$$ hole who is never gonna come! another thing has happened. i was taking my make-up science finals with a boy named miguel (ew he likes me, i think). i try to give him a chance by being nice to him all the time because everyone hates him and is mean to him. but today, i will never talk to him again. he really peeved me off. he freaking wanted to cheat for the science-finals. i told him no. then he started to beg. i got really pissed, so i left the room. i dunno why, but as i was leaving, he said "have a good life." what was that all about? weirdo. stupid. burn in hell, hehehe i used ur line special k! well, i'll be posting everyday again. i must stay loyal to my otaku fans!


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