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Saturday, March 15, 2008

   God. God, God, GOD!

I thought I made a (boy)friend. I really did. I thought he was gonna be different. But, no. He wasn't. So what happened to me? I ended up used, and abused. Again. And you know what else? I also get my stuff stolen.

Y'know, I was initially gonna write this big monster post, but I've changed my mind. I'm not gonna waste my time typing all the horrible crap that has happened. Well, I'll write some of it.

So. My supposed bf. We never got to go to the movies. Instead, he came to my house. He was very pervy, too pervy than a bf should be (that is, if a bf should be pervy at all!). I mean, he took off his freaking pants and walked around my house in boxers! I told him to stop but he had a knife on him. Yea, I didn't wanna anger him. So, like whatever. I figured, once he left, I'd never have to see him again because, well, I just wasn’t gonna call him anymore. I mean, I found out that he was a liar, too (not a surprise, ne?). He's a freaking 7th grader. He got left back 3 times! And I had to find this out through his friend's friend (who surprisingly turned out to be one of my close friends since like, ever). So anyways. After he leaves my house, I notice that my new games are missing. Wait, WHAT?! omg. I called him and was like please don't tell me you have my games. I eventually got it out of him that he does have them and then I said that I needed them as soon as possible. Then he made a whole bunch of lies about this and that, saying he didn't mean to take the games or that he wasn't able to see me, and a whole bunch of changed stories. So I was just like, Dude. Give me my stuff early in the morning before you go to school. I'll be waiting. Yea, he never showed up. I tell my parents what happened and they freak out and blame me (of course). So they call his parents and the parents are pissed because he has a history of stealing and they said No problem. As soon as he gets home we'll make sure you get your stuff back. Well, I guess a lot of kids take after their parents because later when my parents called back asking for my stuff they denied it all. Great. Now I'm left friendless and gameless. Just great.

Ah... looks like I made a pretty long post after all. And I still didn’t even include all of the details! Some sh*t happened to me yesterday too but I guess I'll post it tomorrow. If I don't post, well, I probably wasn’t able to have the time to.

One more thing. To everyone and reads my posts and comments, I really want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You guys really help me through the day. I don't know what I would do without myOtaku. I love you guys. *sniff* Thank you.

And I'm also very sorry for not commenting lately. 1, my internet has been acting way out of whack and 2, I haven't even been able to get on lately.

Oh, and one more thing. Does anyone know the links to the inbox, member's list, changing password, and changing avatar? Somehow my avatar reverted to something I had waaay long ago. And I need to change my password. And I need to read something in my inbox. And I wanted to know the member's list link. Thanks in advance. =]


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