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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

   *wow!* I FEEEEEL GOOD! *do-do-do-do-do-do-do!*

...SO GOOD! *dun, dun!* SO GOOD! *dun, dun!*...

Hahah... well, as you can tell from my horrible singing, I feel good. :] Let’s see... it all started on Saturday. I begged my mom to spend some money on me, and VOILA! I actually got my wish granted.

I got some new clothes for school (black pants, white blouse, black shoes) and I feel so good in them because I'm tired of wearing my other clothes again and again everyday! Now I have two choices in the morning for school clothes! Oh, joy! lol. Theeen I gots me a haircut!! Ha, ha! Everyone loves it!! They cut off a bit more than I wanted them to (which means that I have to let it grow long yet again), but oh well. =D

Then comes Sunday. I didn't get to go to Jeremy's house, but oh well. I think he had something planned with his cousins anyway. Sooo, instead, I invited over a friend I made at EBgames a few months ago. It turns out that we reeeeeally like each other and now we're bf/gf!! =o_o= Boy! Did we have fun! I feel like I'm liberated from my ex now. It felt right and good to feel his lips against mine... :D Ahhh! I'm turning all red again, lol. =^o^=

Sooo I asked this girl about getting my drawings back from my ex over this weekend and yesterday she told me that he agreed to give them back! YES!! The only problem now is that I don't know when and where. It certainly wasn't today. ^^; I'm gonna ask her later today over MySpace.

Back to my new bf, I think we're going on a date this Friday! We may go to the movies (if my parents let me). I wonder what we should see? *squees* I'm so excited!

Speaking of being excited, I'm now allowed to ride the train to and from school! Yaaay! No more waking up super early to catch the dumb bus and coming home so freaking late everyday!

Well, I've got to get to my homework now. I've been trying real hard to comment everyone, everyday, so I'm real sorry if I missed you! TTYL! :D

[PS. Dude! When the heck is VV gonna be done?! The suspense is killing meee!! XD]


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