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Sunday, February 10, 2008

   The Otaku is like a Pokemon. It evolves...

...but not everyone likes to have their Pokemon evolve. Some people like to press B in the middle of the evolution to make it stop. However... maybe I am jumping to conclusions. This is just temporary construction, right? I can't wait to see the final product. The bugs so far are driving me nuts though. >.< What happened to all the avatars? Whats wrong with the update... well, dates and why aren't they highlighting blue? What happened to the rank box that used to be at the center of the Backroom? Where is 75% of the navigation bar that was to the left of the backroom? Hopefully these all will be sorted out... soon. Adam.

Well besides from that (rant? no, not really a rant. perhaps... a heads up?), today sucked. I was supposed to go to Jeremy's house today but my parents (yet again) put me last on their to-do list (or was I even there at all? >.<). I'm sorry. =[ (I hope you're reading this, Jeremy.) *sigh* Well, onward!!

So did you guys read my last post? The one where I was crucially VIOLATED? Well in case you didn't, this is basically what happened. In order for the ENT to have a good look at my tonsils, they stook a tube-like-camera-thing up my nose and it came outta my mouth. I know I'm mentionining this a lot, but I can't help it! I'm just so tramatized by that experience for some reaon. Oh well. I seriously need to get over it. XD My tonsilectomy is scheduled for either March or April 17 (I can't remember, lol). I'm a little nervous. What really sucks is that they told me I can't take any medication for my pain until after the surgury. *sigh*


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