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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

   Awww... how come no one commented my last post? *cries*

*waaah!* *sniff* I'm ok... really! Somehow I know my heart will mend. XD

Haha. Ok, enough with the drama. So I missed school yet again (damn these tonsils!) and I am going to continue to miss until Monday. My school is cool with it because I am a very good student with nothing to worry about. My friend was like, Jessy all the teachers miss you. And I was just like... :o Huh?? Really? Then she was like I miss you too =[. And I was just like awww... :c

Hmmm I went to the hospital again today because it's been a week and my throat is still in extreme pain. Take a lookie here at what happened at the hospital ^^ lol.

"Kerry Rose": what?
TheWarriorGal: OK I Went to the emergency today
"Kerry Rose": OMG WHY
TheWarriorGal: and i was in one of the lil rooms waiting for the doc
TheWarriorGal: and there was a room across from me and a kid in it
TheWarriorGal: and the kid was being nosy and kept looking into my room
"Kerry Rose": OMG
TheWarriorGal: then he saw the moniter and the line was like beeeeeeeep straight
"Kerry Rose": jessy
"Kerry Rose": omg
TheWarriorGal: and outta nowhere this kid starts screamming omg doctor shes dying
"Kerry Rose": what did you say
"Kerry Rose": LMAO
TheWarriorGal: and then the mother was like shut up stupid shes not conected to those moniters
"Kerry Rose": omg
TheWarriorGal: and then he COMES to my room and like ohhh shit i thot u were a ghost for second lol
TheWarriorGal: and im just like...ok... kid go away
TheWarriorGal: rofl

Haha well that just about sums up my whole day. Oh, yes. And I got an appointment on Friday with the ENT (Eyes Nose Throat doctor) so hopefully they will be able to remove my tonsils and I will NEVER have to go back to the doctors for the zillionth time complaining about 'em. Wish me luck XP


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