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Monday, January 14, 2008

   School. Boring. Ehhh... >..<

Well, maybe not THAT boring. I always try to make things fun and funny ^^. Hmmm lets take it class by class, shall we? XD

Church: Okay, technically not a class but since I go to a Catholic school I get church some days. I'm sorry, but it is SO BORING!! And not because I'm not religious -- because I am! The reason it is so boring is because it is in a language that I do not speak - Ukrainian. If it was in English, that'd be a different story. I like church :D

Biology: Well the only thing funny that happened in this class is that my teacher, Mr. P, came out with a box of like scientific stuff and I had only glanced at it but it really looked like a Dunkin' Donuts box! lol I told him this and it made every laugh and question if I was hungry. Honestly, I wasn't -- but I saw it, I really did! lol

Spanish: For some reason I laughed really loud and my religion teacher, Romero, was like "Shut up, Jessy!" And I was look oops =_= Then my friend sitting next to me was like what's wrong, Jessy? And I was like I just pictured Romero taking out his belt and beating me Puerto Rican style! lol EVERYONE had a good laugh at this. Even Romero, lol. He was like, that was a good one, Jessy!

Hmmm... that's about all! Nothing else worth writing about. So, ciao!


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