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Friday, November 24, 2006

   howdy peoples!

Iím taking commissions for plushes. Iíve never done commissions before but Iím gonna give it a shot

My plushes are handmade,as are the clothes they ware. And from all the people Iíve talked to-- for all the time I spend on them, theyíve been valued up to100.00$ but Iím going to start selling them for 30.00$ to 40.00$ ((US dollars)) (depending on how complex the character) plus 5.00 shipping and handling.

curently I can only take checks or money orders. paypal hates us...

Now to my extra special friends-- and those whoíve already asked for one, itíll be less but unfortunately not by much as my parents wonít let me. U___U; but anyways simply send me a note/PM if you want to commission me.
I do ask you provide a good reference picture for the character though!

I donít expect you to pay until after Iíve finished the plush and post its pictures as I want to be sure youíre gonna be happy with it.

I can only give a few examples at this time but here they are: Jago plush:

Sprout plush:

My plushes are 21 inches tall with hand drawn faces. Please note that theyíre NOT perfect! So donít be angry if it doesnít look EXACTY like your drawing, or like something you get from the store. These are HAND made, and allot of time, thought, and effort go into them. They are made with love, so thatís the main thing here.

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