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Hajimemashite~ Hana to iu desu. Anou...eetou..(0__0)Oekaki o tsukutari, hon o yondari, netari, terebi o mitari suru no ga suki desu.. ((T.TG )(G T.T))OroOro Saa anou~ YOROSHIKU NE!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Holy smokes... it's been SIX years since I've had this. o_o How very strange.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Ohisashiburi da naa~~
o__o Holy crap, it's been disturbingly long since I've signed into MO. It was out of mere curiosity that I decided to come back here.

Anyhow... This will be my last post for a while. University is killing me... sort of. I need to think over my current English major... I'll probably switch to Industrial Design in the near future.

I will still be updating my DeviantArt account, though... >3<;;

Take care~ ogenkide, minna!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Countless times I have tried to rededicate myself to this site. Yet, somehow I have failed at every attempt. I suppose now is the time to settle this realistically..X[ I'll drop by here and update when possible. Buut, I doubt anyone will read or take note of this, anyway... 0__0;; Shikata ga nai no? Mouuuu~ dou suru kanaa~?

Hmms, I've been going over my old entries. It was quite embarassing, I must admit! I guess I've changed a lot since I created this account back in '04. I never realized how immature I was back then, with the cutting and the "angst". Rather than getting all worked up over who I once was, I just laugh at it all. We all go through different phases, no matter how strange. They each contribute to the creation of who we are today. As Ben once said, "no pain, no gain". It is through all the mistakes made that we learn. Actually, one learns more from failure than success! But, either outcome...we do not leave empty-handed. With failure, one learns how not to do something and where and what improvements can be made on. With success, one learns that they are on the right path and how to continue improving whatever it is that he or she is doing.

I end this with one of my weird quotes:

"Is life living us? Or are we living life?"

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sugoku Ohisashiburi~
It's been a disturbingly long time since I have posted anything. Hrm, I'n in Japanese class right now-supposed to be working on a project. ;] Welpies sensei's preoccupied with stuffies, so it should be fine to umm, 'explore' the world of the wired. I wonder who is still active here. x.x;; This one will try to be more active around here, though I doubt it, whith college and other stuff~ Nonetheless I.WILL.TRY! X.X;; Ne, minna~
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