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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Another new layout

+ KairiDono + || v.21.5 Epilogue

► Introduction ◄

Hola. This is Kaze.

I live in a small, hick town located in the middle of nowhere. Where the average age of the people in the town is 65. Yes, I live in Minnesota, the magical land where the word 'soda' transforms into 'pop' XD

I'm 16 and literate. As a Junior in High School, I rarely find time for myself, what with school and a job as a part-time dishwasher and additional kitchen staff member, I do the best I can at trying to make time for a social life.

And by social, I mean 'online' life :3

Since I moved 2 hours away from where I was orginally located for seven years, I've had problems finding people I like in my school. Note, I live in a hick town, where even the slightest hint of oddity is looked down upon. Me, with my dyed hair, piercings of mass numbers, and attitude ; I don't seem to belong. Unlike the city, where I previously lived, and where things were viewed diffently about one's unique-ness and individuality.

I can't say I'm a normal High School student, what with my obsession and infactuation with anime, manga, and video games. The girls around here are into the usual ; cellphones, Zac Efron, girly magazines, pink shit, and such. No one in my town likes my type of hobby. Thus, it is hard and almost impossible to share and exhange knowledge about my passions.

My admiration for yoai doesn't make my life any easier.

I get labeled...quite often. Goth, emo, nerd, geek, suck-up, goodie-two-shoes, poser, whatever. I honestly don't see myself as any of those. I don't care much for labels.

Like I mentioned earlier, yoai is another thing I obsess over. Yuri is alright, though, I prefer boyxboy. I respect people whom like yuri.

Jrock is another big part of my life. People think I'm odd when I tell them I enjoy Japanese rock, they always raise a brow and stare. Unlike the usual awnser of : "Omg!!1!11! I LOvE JuSTIn TImBERligh!" I tend to be open-minded about other cultures and their music. It's hard for my peers to beleive that a much bigger world is beyond the small county we live in.

I mainly use this site to complain. Like a online diary of sorts. I also adore browsing though the fanarts and cosplay sections and leaving comments on artwork and costumes. Of course, I always vote for them.

Well, I hope you learned a bit about me. Though, I could never explain my true self online. Nor, could you truely understand me if you didn't know me in person.

Just as long as you have an idea of what I'm like and what to expect if we become friends...that all I ask x3

Ta-ta ;3


► Pictures ◄

BEHOLD ~ my face XD

► Credits ◄

Kaze loves yewz, Chiru-sama :3

Site design (c) to moi ~
Most coding done by Kairi ~ the bestest person since forever -glomps-

► Blog ◄

New layout...again.

Gazette = Love


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