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hi welcome to my site. feel free to look at the videos, visit my archives, post CONSTRUCTIVE comments, and other stuff. and remember to sign the GB and add me as a friend. if you want. Also check out the vids. they are at the bottom. i have the "ninja of the night" ones, "the cloud song", "the sora song", and the hilariously funny "Naruto:the abridged series", but you have to visit my archives which the link to go to is at the bottom of my post box. Of course my archives is being weird so I might re-post them later, or you can go to youtube.com and type in their title names.

If you want to see who my friends, or my personal info please go to my guest book (AKA �leave your mark). I still have to figure out how to get another scroll bar that I cant put all that stuff in.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my site, bye!.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


sorry guys. i was hoping that i'd be able to update sooner, or more often for that matter, but i was busy.... and right after i told you i might be able to be on more. -_-'*sigh* hope you forgive me. ill try to get more time to change my site theme and everything else, too. pm's might have to wait, though... the good thing is that i might be able to got to the library for a few hours on Sunday and use the computer there. if i try to use the one at home, my dad complains if im on too long. BUT, in order to change my site, i need to have a new theme in mind....which i dont. please give me some, so i can change this one. anime/manga would be a good place to start. i was kinda thinking DNAngel 'cause i haven't done that yet, and i cant to Tsubasa cause i've already dont that...maybe later though..^^ please give me ideas, and soon if possible! Ja Ne!

=^vixen fire^=

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