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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

   happy new year
well happy new year every one its been a while i know now one is reading this but hey u never know who's reading this in case any one is happy new year all
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

   wow its been a while
this time i completly forgot about this site cant believe its been this long well i guess it's time for an update umm i'm now 21 was married just got through the divorce dont feel sorry my ex isnt worth the pity lol and i'm saying that lol well im still basicly me i found this by googling my photobucket and well found here glad there under the same user name lmao i cant believe how i can forget a site that gave me so many fond memories but now i am out of school graduated in 2009 in july sometime i dont remember when lol im in college game design in a very romantic mood randomly it has been creeping up on me at nights and i have 6 chapter of a book writen but cant find a way to end the 6th chapter might do it the night before christmas idk tho been going through some old post and starting to miss janie a bit lol those were good times whyd id leave lol to many regrets not enough time or advanced technology lmao well later all ill be on more i promise i may have a new friend on here to if i can get her on lol
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

   finaly a day off
i have just worked all week and sry to every one i havent been on at all i sorta forgot about this place untill recently but i usualy work 10pm to 6am and todays my day off and tomarrow but i was just updating well have funn all
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Friday, December 5, 2008

   sry its been so long no excuse
well evreythings fine just been alittle busy and i havent gotten much time on the computer right now im in photography but good news is i have a new cell phone if you want to call me ill probly check it tonight if i can or if i cant tomarrow well just ask and i let you have my cell #

Vincent C Strife
bye bye all

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Friday, August 1, 2008

any one know where to get any good final fantays cosplay outfits i have been looking all over the internet im looking for ff8 seed uniform and vincen valintines wig and so far i have clods outfit and wig and shoulder plate with lion crest and vincents outfit and now i need the swords and the wig and i need the seed uniform please if you have any site plz tell me them im already at $685.79 and ill hav a job soon so im calculating all of this now lol
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4 days singel at 11:44

she told me at first her mom thought i was bisexual and her mom dident want her dateing me today i got a call and she told me the supposed truth
according to her im the big bad wolf and shes all three pigs
i've done everythign wrong when i gave her everything most guys in my area wouldent
well hope youur days are fun ill be stoping bye every now and then just updateing you on me present situation

have fun all and have a great night or afternoon or mornign when ever yor reading this

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