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Hi,you are at Vigro Angel's site.My name is Anastasia,but you can call me Natsu.Feel free to leave comments and if you sign my gb,I'll sign yours.So,enjoy your stay and have fun.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A new year,new trouble
Well,a new year has began but the past month was one of the worst I had to live.First of all,I got sick then I got better and then sick again.And to make it worse,appears that my brother was the person who infected me.
After that,my grandma got into a hospital and my mom was sick too.So to sum it up-the whole family was sick during January.
Yesterday,I was supposed to do the psychometric test.But,I was so nerves during the last two weeks and felt completly unprepared so I decided to do it on April.It's been the most tense period ever.
On the other hand,I'm getting better at writing stories.I even decided to take part at a writing competion at my school.
That's all folks,
see you around.

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Monday, October 1, 2007

back to school,back to life
Hey,I'm back here.well,kinda...I got back from my summer trip a month ago,but up until now I didn't want to post anything..I don't know why..I guess I just didn't felt like it...anyway,the trip was great-I met my friends,spend time with them,met some new ppl-the kids of my parents's friends,got to spend some time with my grandma,to laugh with my funny uncle and all that.Got to travel by train with my family,got to be late for 12 hours because of the train(another train that went before us exploaded so we went another way),got to visit the most beautiful city I saw so far(ST.Petersburg),got to see gorgeous waterfalls and amazing sculptures,got to visit one of the most biggest museums and got to be in a metro.So,I can say that it was one hell of a trip.
Then we got back home,to Israel and I spent the rest of the summer vacation doing nothing,like always.
Then I got back to school,to my final year(I'm so freaking happyyyyyy ^o^).During this month I had two vacation and I'm on one now..so I didn't study much...
What else to tell....I had a birthday.I'm 17 now ^.^for some reason everyone think it's great...never mind..I celebrated it last week and I think it went pretty well,though not everyone showed up...but my friends say it was fine so I'll believe them.

I apologize for not visiting you all,though I actually visited some but I didn't left a comment.By the way,I don't know if I can comment now since I wasn't here for so long and my popularity rank disappeared..I'll try..

See you later and have a nice day

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