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It's Victor The Sinner here :P p.m. if you want or something D: if your bored of stuff O: byez

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Friday, December 21, 2007

i'm bored <---- funny shizz face XD
well i'd rather be at work today hearing those kids say those chicken butt jokes :L fucking annoying D:< one of them said
kid:"hey docter guess what?"
kid:"chicken butt!" 8D *kid starts laughing*
>:P annoying jokes D;
yeah, and nyane hasn't woken up.. she's alive but it's like she's in a coma, wait she is in a coma thanks to someone here that took her to a party late at night D8< kyoko! *cough*

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Monday, December 10, 2007

omg the 4 of us are going to London :D
just for keiry :P
for christmas :/
yaa :l

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hehe.. i got this from Lust on myspace :P
1Where do you go to shop for clothes?

2Do you buy your own groceries?

3Do you think people talk about you behind you're back?

4When's the last time you had a sour gummy worm?

5Whats your favorite fruit?

6If there was a fire, what would be the first thing you would grab?

7Do you have a picture of yourself doing a cartwheel?

8Have you ever tried to build something?

9Do you play with legos?

10Do you play with barbies?

11Who's your favorite Disney Princess?

12Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

13Would you rather have blue skin or purple skin?

14Have you ever gotten a sunburn?

15Have you eaten snow?

16Have you watched Star Wars, any of the six?

17Do you have a fuzzy pen?

18Do you fix your bed?

19What color are your bedsheets?

20Do you wear slippers?

21What is the coolest lamp you own?

22What's your favorite flower?

23Did you go or do you want to go to prom?

24What does your tissue box look like?

25Did you ever open a lemonade stand?

26Were you or are you in ballet?

27Do you listen to classical music?

28What's the longest book you've read?

29What smiley best represents you?

30What do you do when you are stuck?

31Will you repost this?

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nyane Made Me A Perv XD
[]Make out with me

[]Hug me

[]Date me

[]Kill me

[]Love me

[]Hate me

[]Hold me

[]Lie to me

[]Hurt me

[]Sing with me

[]Dance with me

[]Grind with me

[]Touch me

[]Lick me

[]Bite me

[]Cuddle with me:

[]Let me make a move on you

[]Make a move on me

[]Play with me

[]Watch a movie with me

[]Get me a B-day gift:

[]Caress me

[]Let me borrow your car

[]Let me see you naked

[]Be there for me

[]Buy me a drink

[]Take a shower with me

[]Bring me around your friends

[]Give me a massage

[]Take me to the club

[]Go to sleep with me

[]Do me

[]Drink kool-aid with me

[]Look if i was naked

[]Take advantage of me

[]Let me take advantage of u

[]Hangout with me

[]Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good

[]Hold hands with me

[]Do something incredibly sweet for me

[]Give me a lap dance

[]Tell me you love me

[]Let me call you

[]Will you repost this so i can do the same for u?

What would you do if you woke up next to me?

Thank you for doing this.... now for the big finale XD

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domo ar-i-gato mr.ro-bato domo domo

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