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Every Heart - InuYasha
Hallo, hallo. I guess I could say a few words about meself, or intruduce meself... or something.

I am known as The Princess of Death and Destruction, The Mistress of Pain and... Franklin. Ah, I hate my friends. No I dont.

Any butt, I like to draw. Usually it's my original characters, which doesn't catch much attention. If I did more fanart, people would go crazy at me. Which is bad, because I'm looking for feedback on ART.

I'm not looking for crazy fan girls/guys to comment things like "OMG HE'S SO CYOOOOT!" or "LMMFAO!!" That is not what I want to read.

And please, TRY to use sentence structure? Like spaces, commas, periods and capital first-letters? It helps me to understand your drabble.

But if you like my art, and say so in an understandable, non-annoying manner, I will like you. You will make me happy. And I will visit your page. And comment accordingly. If you wish for advice, I will give it to you. And there will be much rejoicing.

Lastly, if you do comment, dont make it pointless like "I hate InuYasha." People who do that, or insult, are usually jealous, immature, ignorant, little bull-shite-filled monsters who have nothing better to do than to make others feel bad or annoyed. You have no right to comment in such a way, so go away and sniff some more super-glue, you lazy, good-for-nothing little snots.

With that said, I hope you enjoy my art! I will try to adjust to this place soon... I wont update often as art takes time.

~Peace and Cheese!~

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

   I'm okay.
Well... still trying to get the hang of this website. Thanks for the comment, Sakura818. I'll visit your page soon.

As for life, well.. 90'F here up by the lakes. Might have gone down or up. All I know is, I'm miserable in this heat. Blah. :S

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